‘The Walking Dead’ star Scott Wilson leads Senoia Christmas Parade

‘The Walking Dead’ star Scott Wilson leads Senoia Christmas Parade

“The Walking Dead” star Scott Wilson (who plays Hershel Green) lost a leg in Episode 1 of the show’s third season after being bitten by a “walker.” But he got it back just in time (purposefully grabbing his right leg) to serve, along with his wife Heavenly, as grand marshal in Saturday’s Light Up Senoia Christmas parade. The down-to-earth veteran actor and Georgia native prior to the parade spoke about the hospitality and kindness shown by Senoia residents to the cast and crew of America’s top-rated cable television show. Senoia (or is it Woodbury?) late Saturday afternoon became ground zero for a different kind of “walker,” those who, again this year, filled the one-of-a-kind city for the annual “light up” festivities. Photo/Ben Nelms.

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Ah yes, actor Scott Wilson

At least he appears sober.


G35 Dude
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Yes Scott Wilson

Some people have to always cast aspersions. Have you ever met the man? I did one night while at a local restaurant. He was very patient and willing to accommodate by talking and taking pictures with us. When I thanked him for putting up with us as we left he smiled and held his hand out for me to shake. Now go ahead. Ask me if he was sober!!!!

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Good to see Scott Wilson

had a designated driver.

Please don't anyone confuse his ability to exude charm with one's ability to get behind the wheel while drunk and put locals on the road at risk. He is on a p. r. campaign right now, to bolster his court case coming up, surely.

Scotty, maybe in Woodbury, never in Peachtree City. You need to remember that.

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