DOT OKs fix for Hwy. 85, Bernhard Rd.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has approved a $2.16 million contract to improve the intersection of Ga. Highway 85 south and Bernhard Road in south Fayette County.

The project will involve grading improvements and a realignment of the road among other changes. The contract was awarded to E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. of Snellville.

The bid award was announced by DOT Friday. The project is scheduled to be completed by Sept. 30, 2012.

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$2,160,000 is a lot of Money to Spend....

For what just a traffic light would fix.

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These could be funds given to the state by Obama. Thank YOU Mr. President.(sarcasm)

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Hwy 85/Bernhard Rd Fix

I've lived in the nearby vicinity for 25 yrs--yes, at certain times of the day, it's a pain, but not something that is worth that much money to try to fix--absolute waste of our tax dollars! So just who asked for this expenditure anyway? And what was the justification?

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Don't forget to vote for the

Don't forget to vote for the TSPLOST next year.

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