PTC wants cart path bridge, F’ville asks county for roundabout funds

From left, Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith, Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix, and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele.

Fayette County officials today (Wednesday) will hear a Peachtree City request for $1.8 million in funding for a new cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 West near the city limits and also to add more lanes to the intersection of Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Drive.

The county is also slated for further discussion for a similar funding request from Fayetteville for a roundabout at Ga. Highways 92 and 85 and Hood Avenue, which would cost an estimated $6.93 million.

Both municipalities are asking the county to pay for the bulk of those projects with funds remaining in the coffers from the five-year transportation sales tax that expired in 2009.

The cart path bridge sought by Peachtree City would span Hwy. 54 and connect the Shoppes at the Village Piazza development with a cart path segment along MacDuff Parkway, including a tunnel underneath MacDuff that eventually will allow access to shops on the north side of the road.

The project, which has long been referred to as the “Gateway Bridge,” could also be accessed via an existing path through the Planterra Ridge subdivision and the Line Creek Nature Area. The city already has acquired some of the necessary land required for the project.

The roundabout proposed for Fayetteville would be just west of the current intersection of Hwys. 85 and 92, and the existing traffic signal would be moved southward to the current Hood Avenue intersection, to allow the current Hood Avenue to be used to access the roundabout.

Fayetteville officials have said the roundabout, by consolidating Hood Avenue and Hwys. 92 and 85 at one intersection, will drastically improve traffic safety in the area, as there are a number of accidents at the unsignalized intersection of Hwy. 85 and Hood Avenue.

The project also includes a new access road to the east of the intersection that would allow traffic to reach Kathi Avenue at a new roundabout to replace the current 3-way stop and ultimately Jeff Davis Drive.

Doing so, however, will result in the elimination of a row of shops at the Hudson Plaza shopping center which includes Rocky’s Barber Shop, a Papa John’s Pizza, Play It Again Sports and a long-time eatery in Fayetteville: the Golden Chopsticks Chinese restaurant.

Traffic engineers for the city also considered rerouting the eastern leg to go through the existing Michael’s store in the same shopping center, but doing so would decimate the largest tenant in the shopping center.

Mike King
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Gateway Bridge?

Wouldn't it be nice if we built this bridge spanning Line Creek? I'll venture that Coweta County would build a cart path all the way to Fischers Crossing (.4 miles).

What say you to this Mr Mayor?

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There is a problem there where Hood Ave meets 85/92. There is a need for safer access to and from the Hood Ave schools and Fayette Cty High.

Mike King
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It Ain't Broke, So Let' Fix It!

This is a prime example of why local politicians work part time, does anyone believe we as a county would fair better with these fools at it full time? Just because one has the money does not mean that it must be spent. The old axiom of "saving for a rainy day" certainly applies here.

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Kathi Ave. Roundabout

What a waste of money this would be. I'm on this road all the time as I frequent both Rocky's and Play It Again Sports and I rarely encounter another car at the three way stop. To make these establishments go to the trouble of relocating just to build another useless road would be criminal. Rocky's and Play It Again are great assets to the city and support so many charity functions and this is the way the city will repay them, what a crock. Take that money and repave some of the older subdivisions, Hell, mine has grass growing through the cracks in the streets during the summer, either repave it or at least come by and cut the street. I agree that Hood ave. could use another outlet onto 85, but for Pete's sake, leave Kathi Ave. alone, it isn't worth the money.

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Talk about irresponsible!

If I handled my personal finances like these "I have a nickle let's spend it politicians" I would deserve to be living on the street. I can't speak to the Fayetteville roundabouts, but I fail to see any benefit from the $1.8 mil projects for PTC. Is there a part of the SPLOST rules that prevents saving the money until something worthwhile and necessary comes along? As I've stated before, once the new commission is sworn in I'm afraid it's "Here come da bridge".

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Dumb idea for Kathi Ave

Roundabouts can definitely work in some situations but this isn't one of them. This is more of a "solution looking for a problem" and an extreme waste of precious road money that could be put to much better use. This is NOT an intersection that needs "relief" or re-routing. The fact that one whole side of Hudson Plaze would be affected makes this simply a really bad idea.

I've been at the intersection a lot over the years and I don't see what the alleged "problem" is supposed to be in the first place. Have traffic planners and engineers ever actually been to this 3-way? Your chances of encountering another vehicle at most times of the day are almost nil.