Sheriff Babb to establish first-ever northside precinct

Sheriff Babb to establish first-ever northside precinct

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has never operated a precinct outside its headquarters in Fayetteville. But that will change next month when a northside precinct will open at the Lee Center on Ga. Highway 314 north of Fayetteville.

Sheriff Barry Babb said the idea of establishing a post on the northside was something he advocated during his campaign for sheriff.

“I was told by people they wanted a precinct in the north part of the county. I met with a number of community groups in the north and they are supportive and they’re glad to see our presence,” said Babb. “This will give us a post in the unincorporated area on the north side of the county. We wanted a space that would give us good east-west and north-south routes.”

Right, above, sheriff’s photo shows exterior of new precinct.

The new precinct, located at Ga. Highway 314 and Bethea Road at the Lee Center in Suite 108, is expected to open in mid- to late-December. The 1,400 square-foot office will front the highway so residents can see it from the roadway, Babb said. The office space carries a price tag of $500 per month that will be paid out of the asset forfeiture fund. Babb projected that those funds will be sufficient to cover the expense.

Like the sheriff’s office off South Jeff Davis Drive near downtown Fayetteville, the new precinct location will serve as a home base for some deputies and an additional office for all deputies.

“Deputies circle around their home base because they have to return there often for various paperwork issues,” Babb said. “So having a precinct will give officers a home base in the area of enforcement. It puts us outside the heavy traffic in downtown Fayetteville and gives us a post in the field.”

Essentially minimalist in nature, the new office will give deputies a place to clock-in, have shift change, complete paperwork, eat a meal and ”get their marching orders and hit the street,” Babb said.

Babb noted that the new precinct is not a substitute for the sheriff’s office. Rather, it serves as a second location that is expected to provide a way for additional swing-shifts and it will be a site other deputies can access, said Babb.

“This is a work in progress so we can adjust to trends (that develop),” Babb said.

Below, workmen prepare the new northside precinct for the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

PTC Observer
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Sherriff Babb

Thanks for delivering on your promises, our county should be more secure with this "outpost" on the north side.

The crime corridor leading in and out of our county, may just have some problems operating effectively in the future.

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May I suggest..........

that they also install stop sticks across 314 at the precinct? This way when the bad guys head back to Riverdale all the sheriffs dept. have to do is flip the switch and "instant caught"! They can do this right at the bridge so when they hit the sticks, they hit the water!

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Great any perp that uses 314 to get away after comitting a crime in Fayetteville will have to pass by a sheriff precinct. Glad to hear this news.

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You can say that again


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Great any perp that uses 314 to get away after comitting a crime in Fayetteville will have to pass by a sheriff precinct. Glad to hear this news.

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North Precinct

Hopefully it's staffed 24/7. If not, they better have good security measures in place otherwise it will fall victim to the very same element that it's intended to control.

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This is an outstanding idea, but...

...couldn't they have considered adding on space to Fire Stations in the area to serve a similar purpose? Unless they have this facility staffed with admin folks, people will get disappointed if they go there to pick up a report or file a complaint and the door is shut.

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This is more about response times than serving the public

If there is a group of deputies that consider this their home base, then by definition they will be closer and quicker to react to crimes in the area. I guess they studied areas where that solution would help and this is it. Probably be good to have a branch office in the Pavilion, but that is up to Fayetteville. Come to think of it, Fayetteville police will have to expand quite a bit with that Pinewood annexation. Hope they have budgeted for that.

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FPD base at the Pavilion

Fayetteville Pd does have a branch office at the fire station there, but I believe they are never there cause they are so short staffed. At least there are signs for them at the station

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