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Special treatment for law officers

Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager wouldn’t release the name of his deputy who tasered a 16-year-old boy streaking in boxer shorts at a high school football game, and pushed another kid while yelling at people at a concession stand.

The streaker is suspended from school and is charged with obstruction. The deputy is getting “remedial training.”

I’m guessing he won’t miss a dollar of his paycheck. Anyone want to guess what would have happened had I pushed the deputy at the football game? Even if it were my son he just assaulted?

This is not a one-way street. I hope the Cook family considers suing. It seems it’s our only recourse.

We all love living in a safe community. And we all know the threats that exist out there. But I, and many others in Peachtree City, think this incident is indicative of the arrogant attitude that exists by many of our law enforcement officers in this area.

And to have this government official’s name withheld from the public record, when his supervisor admits he was in the wrong, is absurd.

If I get a speeding ticket, the public knows it. This deputy uses “poor judgment,” shoves a minor after using a taser on another, and his name is withheld? Just who is serving who here, and who pays these salaries?

Oh, but Sheriff Yeager reassured us by telling us that the video of his deputy “... is not truly indicative of what happened.” Kind of like the politician whose quote was “taken out of context.”

We get what we deserve if we don’t push our elected officials (and our media) to oversee these agencies, and keep them in check. Because it’s not happening right now.

Frank Herman

Peachtree City, Ga.



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I am a soccer referee and each week I am on a soccer field almost every day. I hate seeing young men and women, sometimes as young as 12 or 13, with knee braces, casts, or on crutches.


If the “Fountain of Youth” really exists, it may be at the Canongate golf courses in Fayette and Coweta counties.