Mike King takes oath as PTC’s newest councilman

Mike King takes oath as PTC’s newest councilman

New Peachtree City Councilman Mike King (L) was sworn into office Thursday night at the beginning of the City Council meeting. Administering the oath was King’s friend Skip Ragan (R), whom King said was one of his heroes because he went back for additional service as a Huey helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. King was elected without a runoff in a three-candidate race earlier this month. He will fill the two years left in the term of unsuccessful mayoral candidate George Dienhart, who resigned his council post to run for mayor. Photo/John Munford.

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Mr. King

You can learn from the lessons of Harold Logsdon and Don Haddix. The sneakiness and the bickering don't work!!! Don't forget us little people.

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he only meets over drinks so dont worry

as stated he wont put anything in writing (and we know why) but drinks are good. ok police chief hope you watching these good ole boys coming out of ynots and other places and I think you know where I mean.

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OMG Cathy, you calling the ex-mayor part drunk?

Please think this through sister. When the about to be ex-mayor did that it didn't work out too well.

Nor did it work out too well when the about to be ex-mayor (then a mere councilman) tried to get the police to stake out Y-knots. Or when the former city manager decided to drive drunk on a golf cart and tried for immunity via intimidation. Or when the PCDC head d**k roughed up an officer named Jeff during a traffic stop. Hubby has photos courtesy of Stan Neely and if it happened today, the uber executive would be in jail. Of course they would have to find him first. He's pulled some scam with the Brookside building and the Feds are after him. Don't know the details. Anyone else know? Anyone know where he is?

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Lake Seed and Las Vegas

71 years old and still thinks he's a hound dog.

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You look good Councilman

You look good Councilman King! Congratulations!

PTC Observer
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Just when you thought

they weren't listening, they send a picture of Mr. King upright!

Congratulations Mr. King and good luck.

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