Fayette OKs more parking for driver’s license office

Fayette County will be spending $50,000 to add about 70 parking spaces to the local office of the Georgia Department of Driver Services in the near future.

The facility, located at the intersection of McElroy, McDonough and County Line roads, gets quite busy at times and the lack of parking has led some drivers to park on the opposite side of McLeroy Road from the building, officials said.

County Administrator Steve Rapson said the parking lot was intended to be a short-term fix, but the county is sensitive toward keeping the state-operated facility because without it, there would be an inconvenience to county residents.

The county owns the building and also pays utilities in order to host the DDS location here.

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Very much needed

Thank goodness. The parking there is terrible. I would gladly pay a little more in taxes for this! They also need a bigger, more modern building, closer to downtown. That office is always overcrowded with people frequently having to stand for very long periods of time.

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Let's Hope..

With the improvements to the parking area and citizens' safety, lets hope there's an improvement with the DDS personnel as well.

Husband and Fat...
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Great news

Tried 2 times to renew my license. Both times I had to park on the street. Ended up just going to Roswell due to parking and lines outside the door here in FC (Went mid week, 2nd wk of the month)

Parking and lines were much better in Roswell especially not having to wait outside in bad weather

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I have found the Newnan office

To be less crowded also.

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Newnan is the right choice

But hey, let's keep our little secret. Don't want to ruin a good thing.

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Tin Can and 'right choice'

Griffin is another good choice--maybe a tad out of the way for some but still good.

Husband and Fat...
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More convenient

Roswell was simply more convenient that day. It was busy, but it only took an hr at lunch. In Fayette, I waited outside in the cold for 45 min each time before frustration made me leave empty handed

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