Commissioner Brown looking forward to ’13

I have to admit that I am looking forward to 2013.

It has been a difficult two years on the Board of Commissioners, standing on the playing field but forced to be a spectator, powerless, as 3-to-2 votes blow by on issues of great concern.

Over time, though, my despair has turned into optimism and hopefulness. I owe my outlook to the Fayette County voters.

We have all witnessed an unprecedented shift change in our political theater. We have a multitude of new citizens taking over established political posts and the outlook is positive.

I am hoping what you will see in 2013 is a level playing field and an opportunity for your voice to be heard no matter who you are or where you live.

Look for an open and honest relationship between our cities and the county government. Likewise, count on a serious attitude toward budgeting and spending at the county level to insure vital services are provided in the most efficient way possible.

In the last six months, I have witnessed a healthy collaboration between groups that would not have been seen in the same room together in years past.

With the new relationships comes an attitude of “we don’t have any problems we can’t resolve.” Allowing everyone a seat at the table makes that claim convincing.

The newest leaders within our local Chamber of Commerce have made a thoughtful effort to work outside of their traditional box and the inclusiveness and camaraderie has been like nothing I have seen before.

A dedicated group of concerned Fayette Countians have poured themselves into the process of bringing political change for the good of the county. Most will go unrecognized for their contributions. My prayer is they are rewarded with the joy of seeing those who were elected carry out their missions.

Fayette County has an excellent legislative delegation at the state level and we will certainly need them to assist us with moving forward on major concerns like creating significant improvements at the I-85 and Ga. Highway 74 interchange.

As a skeptical person who is chin-high in local politics, I honestly think our disparate collection of human capital has a real shot at pulling together and making Fayette County a sterling example for the rest of metro Atlanta.

Let us not forget that the domain of politics can quickly turn the hearts and minds of the people in elected office. I have seen this firsthand. Therefore, it is critically important that you as citizens stay involved in the local affairs of government. Show your children that civic involvement is important.

Remember, you, the citizens, are responsible for all that is good in Fayette County.

I wish every man, woman and child in our beloved Fayette County a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and a memorable Christmas.

Steve Brown

Fayette County Commissioner, Post 4

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Steve Brown

I could believe this a lot easier, if I hadn't seen you in action the last two elections. If I hadn't seen you outright lie on several occasions, then see you here getting all touchy feely. Tell me Steve, have you turned over a new leaf? Before you get all self righteous about the blogger name, I'm Randy Clokey, yes, the AC guy. Do I expect an answer, no, not really.

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Thank you Commissioner Brown

It will be wonderful to have a non-divisive 2013 in local politics. I wish you well in leading the county commission (as you assuredly will) and trust that your primary goal will be to serve the Fayette County citizenry without rancor.