Fayette Commission scratches head over ‘sagging’ ban

Several residents have asked the Fayette County Commission to outlaw pants “sagging,” a fashion style paraded by young men that leaves some or much of their underwear exposed in the rear.

But one man’s fashion is another’s faux pas, at least judging by the four people who spoke against sagging. Each of them urged the commission to enact an ordinance similar to those used by other communities. They said they have seen youths with saggy pants in several places in the community.

Tricia McCarney said she felt that if she were walking on the streets while sagging, she would probably be cited.

“This is not the way we want this community to be,” McCarney said.

Rob Scogin said he hoped the commission could enforce sagging under a public indecency law.

Charles Culp said he sees sagging youths often, particularly at the Fayette Pavilion shopping center.

At the end of the meeting, Commissioner Allen McCarty said he favored the ban in part because of the fine revenue that it will give the county.

“Generally, my experience in different places I have been is that type of dress usually leads to incentives for people who don’t mind looking in your car,” McCarty said, noting that saggers who commit crimes find it harder to run from police, though he said they will “pull them up” as they run away.

Commission Chairman Herb Frady said he would rather wait for the county attorney to provide feedback on whether such a ban would be feasible under current law.

“It’s something we’ve never done before,” Frady said, also noting that the Pavilion is located in the city of Fayetteville, so any county ordinance would not be enforceable there.

PTC Observer
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Saggy Pants Culture

All fashion has as its catalyst Hollywood, but there are other more practical uses of fashion in mobster culture. Saggy pants provide two primary functions. These two function are based on the fact that mobsters know that police generally don't like to hand "frisk" suspects in their crotch. Therefore, having saggy pants provides an excellent opportunity to hide both a weapon (usually a Glock) and it's a great place to hide a stash for sale.

So, everyone should be aware that when a young man reaches for his crotch to lift up his pants, it could be a deadly move depending on the situation. Just watch his hands if they move to the inside of his belt line then be prepared to be shot or offered a deal.

Thank Hollywood for this never ending "fashion" statement and parents that think it's just an expression of a "special culture".

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I wish they would outlaw Saggy pants

in PTC, I'm tied of seeing the want to be hood rats running around here with
their a$$ hanging out. And I agree with the lady above, if were females doing it they would be arrested for indecent exposure.

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I agree

I think it looks stupid and makes everyone look like they come from the projects, but so does tatoos, long haired boys and piercings.

The point is, this type of dress is a fad and will move to something else that catches on. Who really cares about this and does it really need to be a topic in our council meetings when so many important items need to be discussed.

Mike King
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"Commission Chairman Herb Frady said he would rather wait for the county attorney to provide feedback on whether such a ban would be feasible under current law."
Funny, was the county attorney consulted prior to acquiring land for that little bypass(that isn't a bypass) west of Fayetteville?
Perhaps there's not enough revenue in it Mr McCarty.
Just saying.

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It really scares me that no one is a real leader. Can't one of the commissioners politely say:

"Yes, people, I agree that the sagging pants is not nice to look at, but lets be real here, are we going to ban anyone with tatoos from FC too? Its nothing but a fad. Should we designate a cop to look for these hoodlums and fine everyone with droopy pants or do we protect and serve. Lets concentrate on important issues here Mr. McCarty and stop dealing with this drivil.

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Sagging Pants, an issue at our Council Meetings?

With all of the other important issues that the Fayette Commisioners have to deal with, why would anyone waste thier time to discuss a county ordinance against sagging pants. Was this a joke?

Maybe if someone is not happy with the "fashion statement" of the day, go purchase some belts and offer the belts to each person and plumbers with saggy pants.

Maybe we should ban all visible tatoos. After all, people with tatoos join biker clubs, who join gangs, who do deal drugs.

Come on people, there are a lot more important issues to deal with here.

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Sagging pants vs Sunday Alcohol sales

OK Commissioners, how about getting busy and making sure FC voters get to vote in March for Sunday sales in the unincorporated county. This will help to correct the disparity that convenience stores (who are already open on Sunday) have when they can't sell alcohol but stores in Fayetteville & PTC can! Not fair to merchants who would perhaps recognize
some additional revenue without any increase in expense or manpower.

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Yes, AtHome...

...but ONLY for store owners with no tattoos or sagging pants!!

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