New store aims to satisfy community’s Apple needs

Grand opening of peachmac set for Saturday at The Avenue in Peachtree City.

Darryl Peck has been working with Apple since the 1980s, developing award-winning software for Macintosh computers in the 1980s and 90s and selling software and accessories on-line on one of the first internet retail web sites in existence.

In 2007, Peck and his wife, Anne, opened the first peachmac store in Athens. They opened one in Augusta the next year and one in Macon the year after that.

This year, the Pecks are opening two more stores, one in Marietta, which opened eight weeks ago, and one in The Avenue Peachtree City, the grand opening of which is set for Saturday at 10 a.m.

“There are a lot of places that are desperate for an Apple presence,” said Peck, noting that the location of the closest Apple Store is at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. “peachmac sells 1,300 items, we do trade-ins, customers don’t need an appointment, we do out of warranty service work, offer one on one training with PeachPlus Training and will also offer two to three free workshops a week.”

“We’re the Apple resource for the community,” Peck added. “We live and breathe this stuff.”

The object for the Pecks was to get their new stores opened by the holidays because it is believed that 2010 will be an iPad Christmas. The iPad is 95 percent of the tablet market and products like iPods and Macs are also very popular, spanning generations.

“It doesn’t take a scientist to use this stuff,” Peck stated. “Everything works together - the iPhone, the iPad and the computer, plus everyone knows how to use their finger.”

peachmac currently does not sell the iPhone, but there will be plenty of iPhone accessories available at the store. Peck stated that his company has quickly built a following in the cities they have stores in because they recognize that their customers’ time is valuable. Aside from the solid customer service his staff provides, the main reason peachmac has been successful is because of the products.

“Apple just keeps hitting one grand slam after another,” Peck said.

He and his crew have been tirelessly working and training, preparing for what he said was their biggest grand opening ever. The event will feature some large product giveaways, but people must register for them on-line prior to attendng the event.

Visit and get your code, one per customer, and when you go to the grand opening, you will be asked to enter the code in a computer. One lucky winner will take home a MacBook and another will win an iPad. There will be a host of other prizes given away and the first 200 customers in the store will receive a free t-shirt.

peachmac in Peachtree City will start with 10 employees and a few more will likely be added by the holidays. Peck is excited to be opening a store in Peachtree City and has heard a lot of great feedback from the community as news of their opening has begun to spread.

For more information on peachmac, visit

Angry Taxpayer
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Welcome to The Avenue and Peachtree City.

I hope your store does well. I also hope your staff and clientele will be less pretentious than the Apple “company” Stores I’ve visited.

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Nearest Apple store....

There's an Apple store at Ashley Park, in Newnan. That's considerably closer that the one at Lenox, mentioned here as the next closest store.

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Apple Stores

It was explained to me that there are "Apple" stores and "Apple Authorized" stores and the Newnan and Peachtree City stores are the Apple Authorized. You will still have to go to Lenox to line up for a new release item.

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Apple has no store in Newnan...

You're wrong...the article is right, closest Apple Store is at Lenox. You may be right, there may be a store in Newnan that sells Apple products, but even Best Buy sells some Apple products.

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Apple specialist....
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peachmac The Avenue

Welcome to PTC. Nice store. I think they will do well here.

Just an observation. The line Sat. went across the entry to Mirko Pasta. Did anyone see anyone from Mirko's out there working the line to attract diners in to their restaurant? I didn't. Their outdoor dining area was totally empty.

And yet, how many were approached by the rep. from The Avenue to fill out information for a giveaway and were given a coupon for $5.00 off at Ted's Montana Grill? I was. Their outdoor dining was packed.

This is often the difference between successful and unsuccessful local establishments. Ted's and The Avenue used this to market and generate more business. Mirko's, unless I missed something, did not. Here's hoping they all thrive, but I think a huge opportunity was missed.

And kudos to The Avenue security staff and peachmac employees for the work put in to organize the long line and keep things moving in an orderly fashion. Finally, thanks to Mother Nature for giving all of us such a beautiful day!

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I don't do lines----especially for electronics, and especially for Apple!

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