F’ville pitches $8.65 million roundabout plan for Hwys. 85N/92/Hood Ave. to county

Proposed plan for Hwys. 92/85 and Hood Avenue is overlaid on aerial photo.

A plan to fix the intersection of Ga. highways 92 and 85 North, plus Hood Avenue in downtown Fayetteville, was presented to the Fayette County Commission last week.

A big part of the fix is the addition of a roundabout to the west of the existing BP gas station, along with moving the traffic light on Hwy. 85 southward from the current Hwy. 92 intersection a few yards south to the existing non-signaled Hood Avenue intersection.

That newly located light would allow traffic going west to reach Hwy. 92, Hood Avenue and perhaps an access road northward toward Habersham Drive, all via the roundabout.

The two elementary schools on Hood Avenue would benefit from having a safe access to Hwy. 85, representatives for Fayetteville officials told the Fayette County Commission at a workshop meeting last week. Furthermore, the existing intersection of Hood Avenue and Hwy. 85 has a number of traffic accidents that would be significantly reduced under the new plan.

The catch is that the project cost is significant: the county’s share alone is $6.93 million with the city’s share at $1.72 million.

The Fayetteville City Council is asking for the Fayette County Commission to approve funding for the project with revenues from the 2004 transportation sales tax, but the commission was not ready to commit to it last week.

County Manager Jack Krakeel noted that in the near future the commission would get a detailed presentation of how much money is left in the SPLOST funds and what projects remain undone.

That information will help the commission make the decision on the remaining SPLOST priorities. Peachtree City officials are also asking the county commission for a significant amount of funding for two transportation projects: a “gateway” cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 West near MacDuff Parkway and intersection improvements to Peachtree Parkway and Walt Banks Road.

The 92-85-Hood Avenue project in Fayetteville will require buying property on which four homes currently sit between the existing routes of Hood Avenue and Hwy. 92. Of those homes, three are occupied by renters while the fourth is occupied by the property owner, Fayetteville representatives said. The houses would have to be demolished to make way for the road changes.

Without the changes, the existing intersection of Hwys. 85 and 92 eventually will degrade to an “F” level of service rating in the afternoon peak rush hour conditions, but it will maintain a “C” level if the new project is undertaken as proposed, city officials said.

The project also includes a new access road to the east of the intersection that would allow traffic to reach Kathi Avenue at a new roundabout to replace the current 3-way stop and ultimately Jeff Davis Drive. Doing so, however, will result in the elimination of a row of shops at the Hudson Plaza shopping center which includes a Papa John’s, Play It Again Sports and a mainstay eatery in Fayetteville: the Golden Chopsticks Chinese restaurant.

Traffic engineers for the city also considered rerouting the eastern leg to go through the existing Michael’s store in the same shopping center, but doing so would decimate the largest tenant in the shopping center.

The eastern leg would also allow for a connection southward to Church Street in the future to provide better access to the Fayetteville Post Office.

The commission was told that the shopping center owner was on board with either proposal. The road going through the smaller stores, however, is seen as more beneficial to Fayetteville because it would allow the city to also acquire the existing Mrs. Winners vacant tract, which would be upgraded into a stormwater detention facility to alleviate problems downstream which include repetitive flooding in the football locker room at Fayette County High School, officials said.

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Gene61, Here They Go Again

Yep! I don't know who came up with this Roundabout concept but........

I know folks who have lived with roundabouts for years and they say they are a nightmare.

The county also has a roundabout planned for the intersection of Lee's Mill Rd. and the WFB/Veteran's Parkway. Lee's Mill Rd. is a thoroughfare for school buses. WFB/Veteran's Parkway will be a thoroughfare for cars and big trucks, we are told. There are homes all along Lee's Mill Rd. So, the loaded school buses and big trucks are going to go round and round and round on a roundabout. Not only that, but that particular roundabout is going to have driveways entering it. Won't that be fun? Isn't that special?

If they are paying folks six figures to sit around and dream up this stuff, I could do better than that.

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F’ville pitches $8.65 million roundabout plan

Another damn stupid idea and a waste of money. Does Fayetteville look like Paris ? Can you imagine the accidents and traffic nightmares this will cause our county?

I will do join in to help kill this idea.

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Agreed Gene61, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

All you have to do is go to the Kroger on Crosstown and experience the roundabouts there, I almost been hit 3-4 times. I'm from the South, but people from here just don't know what to do, if your in the roundabout they just pull right in front of you. Its New so it will take them 20 years to figure it out.

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This is a such a waste of money. Just like the bybass. This is part of the nanny state we have become. Instead of asking what we need we are told what we need. Tell me again just how many people will be helped by this 8 million dollar project. Maybe a right turn only sign at Hood Ave and 85. Oh yeah and a ticket to everyone who tries to turn left or cuts through the BP parking lot. Who designed this? The same person who decided that we need crosswalks at 92 and New Hope. Who crosses 92 Highway at that intersection? Maybe a deer or rabbit.

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Spending money

Fayetteville City has not given their employee's an annual pay raise in 3 years, they have raised the health insurance payments that employee's have to pay, employee's have to work with skeleton crews, the city attempts to control everything their employee's do on and off duty and the city has the nerve to talk about spending money on roundabouts?

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The Roundabout is yet another way we are being asked to spend money, like sidewalks to nowhere. While our teachers are buying school supplies out of their own meager earnings and they as well as our police have been doing without adequate salary for a very long time, our government wants to spend more money. Our legislators voted themselves a pay raise while the rest of us are doing what we can on cut salaries or complete job loss some think they don't have to participate in this recession. We need to stop spending ANY money except for daily expenditures like salaries and supplies like gas for police cars. In these times reason needs to reign. Fayette County as well as Fayetteville needs to put all new things on hold until things are better. It is bad enough companies like the Southern Company, Coweta-Fayette EMC and others run their businesses the same old way, expecting that they can keep raising rates with times so hard and they don't have to cut back or face the hard times like the rest of us. Our President can take trips costing us millions of dollars, because he can. I cannot express it enough everyone should have to share when so many are hurting. Again, spending by governments needs to be reigned in and others need to find ways to help out those less fortunate.

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Grace & "Less fortunate"

Just knew it wouldn't be long until that poor excuse of a phrase got used. But then some just don't know what "fortune" really means. Try comparing it to "initiative" and "drive" and "ambition" and "persistence" and "motivation". No, you won't do that, it's just too easy to attribute failure to "bad luck."

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Great way to spend more money

Roundabouts simply don't work, just cause more drivers to be total confused. This is pointless just like 5'8" sidewalks. Isn't there a better way to spend this money.

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Chrissy & Roundabouts

Strongly recommend you avoid traveling to the UK---or hire a driver if you go! They've worked over for many yrs and I had no problem negotiating them on my several visits there.

Chris P. Bacon
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On the other hand, I saw three near-head-on collisions on Saturday at the Avenue in Peachtree City when a driver went in the opposite direction on that one-way roundabout.

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You can't fix stupid....

Drivers in this Country are horribly uneducated in the rules of the road.

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This is stupid

Havent you Fayetteville folks noticed the past 3 years of really crappy business. It has not gotten any better. So stop milking the tax payers. You government people are such idiots. You do not have the money to do this. Unless you take it from the working population at the point of a gun. So stop this spending. Just freeze it all for at least 5 years. You do not need roundabouts in your city. Traffic is just fine. I dont go there because I dont want to get robbed or carjacked. Roundabouts wont fix that problem.

Chris P. Bacon
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I support 50% of this project!

The roundabout on the lefthand side of highway 85 makes very good sense, as it is virtually impossible to make a left hand turn from Hood avenue onto Hwy 85, so almost everyone cuts through the BP station parking lot to get to the light at hwy 92 at hwy 85. This project would benefit all the schools on Hood avenue.

I'm not so sure about the roundabout on the right hand side, though. It seems the only benefit would be to improve access to the post office...that would seem to be rather difficult to justify from a cost/benefit perspective.

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No new taxes! We have enough to do without a new project now.

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