Don’t forget POWs

I recently visited the outstanding Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. One small, sobering exhibit was about American POWs in Vietnam, which again reminded me that so many Americans have given so much for our country, and also of how negligent and deceitful some of our national leadership has been.

Although our country needs both a strong federal government and national leader, both political parties are too involved in my personal life.

One party in particular however, has proven its intent to support a growing nation of leaches at my expense, and perhaps even a world-religion that definitely appears to not only hate me as an American, but wants to kill me.

Our nation was never perfect and there will always be fellow Americans that are less fortunate than others. But the United States has probably given more people, of more diverse backgrounds, a chance to make a better living for themselves than any other nation.

The Democrats claim to support the true backbone of our nation — the good American laborer. But until Washington Democrats grow enough backbone to renounce that which is eating away at the core strength of our country, I’ll vote against them.

Ed Martin

Peachtree City, Ga.