PTC’s outstanding library, staff deserve some praise

A public letter of praise from me to the staff of the Peachtree City Public Library is long overdue.

Since our daughter was about 3, our family has taken her to the library. Now, at age 5, when she hears that we are going to the library, her excitement level rates about the same as if we said we were taking her out for yogurt at TCBY.

The staff has worked hard to create a kid-friendly environment, stock the shelves with nourishing, fun brain food, and consistently been just as friendly as can be to me and my little learner during our visits.

I have a photo of my daughter (she was 3, I think) seated in a tiny library chair gazing with love struck eyes at the stuffed Clifford the Big Red Dog seated across from her which was, at the time, as big as she was.

I approach Miss Susan, in the children’s section, with the area of interest for my daughter. “She really likes dogs, and so I’m taking the opportunity to help her learn as much as she can about ...”

Smiling, Susan finishes my sentence with the Dewey Decimal numerical range for the exact area my kid will love. I get home just before bedtime, and my child wants to stay up late to see what I brought her from the library.

And when I think about rearing my daughter to enjoy learning, it occurs to me that since I moved to Georgia, the Peachtree City library has been there for me both day-to-day, and at life’s crucial junctures. For example:

When I was still finishing my master’s in political “science,” M.T. Allen was there with a willingness to discuss the possibility of adding Congressional Quarterly to the collection.

Before I went for my job interview with my current employer, about 17 years ago, I checked out a book on the firm’s history so I could learn about its organization, culture, and stories. I studied articles from the industry press available on CD-ROM, in the pre-web browser era. I walked into my interview with confidence, and by God’s grace, got the job offer.

When I was out from work sick for several days, although my body was tired and hurting, my mind could still escape and grow smarter from the Tom Clancy novels and the non-fiction works on investing I read between naps.

When God brought the woman who would become my wife into my life, I wanted to get a quality engagement ring for her, and still have the max amount of money for a downpayment on a home one day. What’s a guy to do?

How about visit the library for a book on how to buy wedding rings? Better to learn color, cut, clarity, and carat from it than from a slick salesman seeking to maximize his commission.

And, when it came time to buy that house, it was “Home Buying for Dummies” in both print and audio form (for the commute) as well as Gerri Willis’ “Home Rich.”

When my wife became interested in the sociology of the Amish, Rebecca Watts was able to find an obscure title in the field from an academic library in another state through inter-library loan.

Back to my employer. I had a chance to work in the department which licenses intellectual property (video and photos) for our use. Great chance to learn something new and advance my career. Only problem was, I knew next to nothing about licensing intellectual property.

Once again, Ms. Watts came to the rescue. I actually called the library from work. Ms. Watts was on the case.

I could go on and on, but the longer I go, the less likely The Citizen will print this note, and the less likely YOU are to read it. So, for the record, I am a fan of Librarian Jill Prouty and her staff at the Peachtree City Library.

With gratitude,
Eric Ferrell and family
Sharpsburg, Ga.

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moelarrycurly - Take Off Your Cranky Pants

I think about 99% of the people that read this piece, thought it was a wonderful (and overdue) "shout out" to the wonderful employees of the Peachtree City Library.

I cannot possibly see what kickbacks Mr. Ferrell would get from writing such a glowing recommendation of the place. Maybe you could just take it at face value instead of getting some sort of sick pleasure at looking down your nose because...of what? He said he was from Sharpsburg? Heaven forbid!

Maybe you and the rest of the 1% need to go back home to Peachtree City..oops..under a rock...oops...

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oldie-nothing cranky about my pants

My comments stand. There is nothing in my comments about the employees except praise. That probably is 100% who shout out good things, not 99%. What is your beef? How much do you pay in property taxes to fund the library? How much does it cost the taxpayers in PTC to fund the library? How much does is cost taxpayers outside of PTC to fund the library? I know those answers, do you?

If you live here (I sincerely doubt, another former PTC resident) and you do not give a hoot about the library expense then you are flat out ignorant. If you don't live here, then I don't give a hoot about what you think of my comment.

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Cranky Pants and A Day Old

To the contrary, you are proving how little you know. I remember back to the days when PTC didn't even have a stop light in town and the library was not in its current location. Ohhh, now am I starting to "prove" myself?

And, although you sincerely doubt that I live in PTC, many might doubt that you are one of The Three Stooges...I do not.

PTC Observer
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MLC - You

You would deny the access to knowledge to those that seek it?

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With gratitude, Eric

Nice to see you enjoy the Sharpsburg library..oops, Coweta County library...oops, Peachtree City library (third time's a charm) as much as the PTC residents who fork over the money for the library for you to enjoy it. It really is true. The best things in life are free, aren't they?

Yes, Jill and company are one of a kind. We are blessed to have them and they do a wonderful job for us. All of us. Every last one of us.

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Eric Ferrell responds


I, Eric Ferrell, currently a resident of Sharpsburg wrote the letter in praise of the fine library staff in Peachtree City.

You respond by criticizing my family for enjoying the library as much as, "the PTC residents who fork over the money for the library for you to enjoy it. It really is true. The best things in life are free, aren't they?"

I am surprised to find that my letter seeking to edify the hard-working, kind, and effective staff would serve as an opportunity for you to inject criticism, but since you accuse my family of freeloading on the tax dollars of you and the denizens of Peachtree City, I respond here.

In fact the income tax dollars which I pay to the state of Georgia has me currently "forking over money" used to run the Peachtree City Library. That is because the library receives state tax dollars through its membership in the PINES system and through state grant money.

You can advocate that our library receive money ONLY through property taxes by withdrawing from PINES and refusing grant money. That would keep the Coweta County riff raff like us out, but I suggest doing so would be unwise since rejecting the state money risks either a) a reduction in service - and staff or, b) the raising of property taxes for those of you living in Peachtree City.

Is this the course you advocate - less library money from the state, and higher property taxes for Peachtree City?

You err on another point.

I was a resident of Peachtree City during much of the sweet time enjoying the library which I relate in my letter of thanks to the staff. Does that, in your view, justify our use of the library, at least during that time?

Under the PINES rules I have been able to retain the card due to my status as a resident of Georgia. I have dutifully reported my change of address to the library staff. Perhaps a "green card" analogy would work for you.

In further response to your indictment of my family for allegedly not paying our fair share to run the library, I point out that in addition to being a resident of Peachtree City during much of the time I related, and supporting the library through my state tax dollars, I have contributed directly to the library both as a volunteer and through direct donations.

Have you, Sir?

In fact, we readers do not even know who you are.

I invite you to respond, preferably as I have done under my own name, rather than as you have done under not only a mom de plume, but under a nom de guerre against my family's character.

Since you have unjustly accused us here, essentially for theft of services, in this public forum, I request an apology, now that you have hopefully been disabused of your misconceptions.

If you are unwilling to offer one, then again I invite you at a minimum to show the courage of your conviction and write, as I have, under my own name.


Eric Ferrell of Sharpsburg

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Ignore the Stooge

Eric -

Thanks for taking the time to make a positive comment on the Library. I also appreciate the value of Libraries in general, and ours, along with its staff, in particular. Please know that MLC is a longtime whiner who thinks she is far funnier, and far more knowledgeable, than she is. Ignore the stooge as you would any other troll.

And to the Stooge - since I rarely use the Peachtree City library, please consider the Ferrell family to be using the Peachtree City-funded portion on my dime. Now you can shut up and gripe on every other subject (since you will never acknowledge Eric's contributions or absolute right to use a facility that receives funding from the state or apologize for your typically rude comments).

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Mr. Ferrell thank you so much for your kind words regarding

our library and its staff. I totally agree with you. I also want to apologize for the remarks of ONE blogger on this site. To paraphrase: "The opinions of one blogger does not reflect the opinions of the majority on this site."

I, too, love the written word and have always loved to go to the library and fill a sack full of books then go home and read until I had finished each and every one. I have had the librarian get books from other area libraries when they have not had it in stock and will continue to do so in the future. Please do not let the scribbling of one person cloud your opinion of the rest of us. Welcome and please feel free to blog on this site even if you do not live in PTC. LOL

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Well stated, Eric Ferrell

You obviously spent some time composing this response and are 100% correct, but I am sad to say that you're responding to a real bunch of BS from someone who just wants to blog here and whine constantly. Your eloquent words are falling on deaf ears of someone who just loves to pee and moan all the time.

Hey, here's an off-set to you having the brazen audacity to use the PTC Library and living in Coweta now....I just returned two books this morning to the COWETA CENTRAL LIBRARY on Hwy 154! The horrors of how people are abusing library systems nationwide! There ought to be a LAW to stop this!

PTC Observer
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Mr. Ferrell - I too

am a big supporter of our library and couldn't agree with you more concerning the dedicated staff there.

Your further reasoned response to one of our posters is also appropriate. I can't remember the last time anyone here, including myself, has posted anything more positive to say about our fine library and its personnel.

On behalf of most of those that frequent this board, I want to thank you for calling attention to our lack of recognition.


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Totally agree on the PTC LIbrary

A great place and the staff do a lot with very limited resources.

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Here Here!

Eric, being on both sides of the library desk, the staff at the library deserves an awful lot of credit. They work very hard and should be appreciated! I am proud to have been a small part of that team.

I hope they can get strong funding to help them improve and expand both the technology and collection in the future.

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Mr. Ferrell - your not the only one

Who recognizes the great work of our library and its staff. No matter how busy they are, they always make time to help my family and I when we need assistance, information, or helping hand.

Like your family, my kids get excited when we announce that we are headed to the library. The staff always extends a warm welcome to all kids, which at the end of the day, encourages them to read, and thus learn more. I wish we had more time to take advantage of the many programs the library offers.

Your letter was read with pleasure. And hopefully PTC city council recognizes the importance of having a first rate library and staff.

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