F’ville OKs revised sewer hook-on fees for newly annexed areas

The Fayetteville City Council on Oct. 17 unanimously approved a sewer proportionate fee schedule for the new sewer lines soon to be installed on the city’s west side to serve Pinewood Atlanta Studios and future projects included in portions of the 1,200 acres annexed in September.

A sewer proportionate fee is the amount paid by a developer or property owner to offset the cost of establishing or upgrading sewer infrastructure. In this unique case, the fees will be used pay back the city for extending the service to those properties, said Fayetteville Public Services Director Chris Hindman.

As approved by the City Council, Phase I consists of constructing a new pump station, installing approximately 4,400 linear feet for 12 gravity sewer lines, 19 manholes and approximately 3,000 linear feet of force main, Hindman said.

The new schedule totals $1.7 million. The City Council on Sept. 5 unanimously approved a $1.6 million sewer extension bid.

Hindman said factors like demand use and formulas have all been updated to reflect the city’s new sewer proportionate share fees, adding that the fees will only affect the areas listed in the demand-use schedule for this portion of the west side area. As a result, the fee schedule approved last week will cover only the cost of Phase 1 sewer extension. Future expansions within the 1,200 acres will be paid in advance by the developer or property owner.

Construction at Pinewood Atlanta Studios is underway with a planned opening in January. Tied to the development is the installation by Fayetteville of the section of sewer lines to serve Pinewood and other related projects, such as the former Rivers Elementary School, expected in the area of Veterans Parkway and Sandy Creek Road.

Though extending sewer lines to the entire 1,200-acre area was discussed at the City Council retreat in the spring, council members decided to opt for installing sewer service to the Pinewood Atlanta Studios area, the first of the numerous developments that will populate the annexed area in the coming years.

The city in September annexed approximately 1,200 acres on the city’s west side, with nearly all the acreage existing north of Ga. Highway 54 West from Tyrone Road on the west to east of Sandy Creek Road to the east and to the Veterans Parkway/Sandy Creek Road area to the north.

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