PTC to regulate — or ban — walking signs, mascots

You’ve seen them: costumed or not, holding signs alongside the road promoting a local business.

While they are not about to become an endangered species in Peachtree City, they may not be seen nearly as often if a new city ordinance is approved that restricts the amount of times they can appear in a given year.

Such an ordinance was discussed Monday night by the Peachtree City Planning Commission. Another version was bandied about that would fully ban such “walking signs.”

The ordinance that would allow the use of walking signs would restrict them to remaining on the property of the business that is being advertised, and the business would be allowed to use walking signs for up to seven days a week for four times a year.

Commissioners discussed cutting the number of opportunities down to two a year and perhaps shrinking the number of days as well.

New Planning Commissioner David Conner said he favored a total ban on walking signs.

“What if we allow this for non-profits,” Conner said. “... That would take care of the ‘gold man’ out there and the ‘cellphone man,’ the tackier side of these things.”

Fellow new Planning Commissioner Horace Batiste said he understands the safety concerns of adopting a walking sign ordinance and his main concern was for the safety of kids waving signs on the side of the road to promote carwash fundraisers, for example.

“Other than that, I agree with you,” Batiste said of Conner’s suggestion for a complete ban on the walking signs.

No final decisions were made as Community Development Director David Rast said he preferred to tweak a proposed ordinance before a vote of the commission. While the final say on any ordinance rests with the City Council, the planning commission will provide a vote of recommendation either to adopt or not adopt the ordinance.

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Thanks ....

Tacky comes to mind.

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David Conner you moron

You are government and we dont need you to keep us safe. Get a life you idiots. Havent you noticed we are all sick of government telling us what and what not to do. Leave these people alone and try to do something worth while for this city. You can not regulate every part of our lives. You are acting just like the federal government and tuesday a lot of them will be on unemployment. Yours to will come. These working people are just trying to make a living. Would you rather they rob you to get the money or work. Your choice, make it a good one. Now I have to go get my walking sign to advertise my illegal yard sale.

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....poised to strike again.

A dose of small business reality...
....In this severely downturned economy.

Planning Commission wrote:

Batiste said.....
....his main concern was for the safety of kids waving signs on the side of the road to promote carwash fundraisers,

At some point--
We only need common sense, a touch of basic situation awareness, and responsible adult supervision-- NOT A NANNY-STATE!!

PLEASE STOP DAYDREAMING and get back to work!!

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1st Amendment

What happened to that along the way?

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Don't you people think there are more important issues to spend your time on.

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Pumpkin: walking signs

You see pumpkin, we are scared to death we will become as pretty as Riverdale and College Park!

It needs control however. Just like the banks do!

$50 license necessary. Good for one month.
On privately owned property only to the licensee.
Can not be on Islands or in the highway, even to collect.
A human face must be visible.
No shouting or boom boxes or megaphones.
One business can not allow another to parade on their property.
No phone numbers or addresses on signs.
Letters visible easily at 100 feet.
No political signs. Walking or not walking.

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You got it right this time. That and the nonsense regulations in this city. Don't get me started. Don't misunderstand either, I support many of the ordiances and rules but if they are not going to enforce them what good are they?

Golf cart registration ring a bell to you? You talk about a rip off.