Former ‘The Biggest Loser’ winner weighs in on The New Well

When Michelle Aguilar first stepped onto the campus of “The Biggest Loser” in season 6, she had no idea of how much her life was about to change. Michelle touched many lives and soon became loved by millions of people across the country. She fought through the struggles that so many overweight women face every day of their lives. She was able to identify the things that had caused her to gain weight and quickly took back control of her life and won the battle to live a healthy more fulfilling life.

Michelle has moved on from “The Biggest Loser” and is now touching lives through her work with an organization called Women of Faith. You can learn more about this great organization and more about Michelle, through her website,

Michelle knows all about what can cause women to battle weight gain and she also knows what it takes to lose weight and what it takes to keep it off. Michelle does not believe in gimmicky diets, medicated weight loss or the “miracle weight loss pill”. Michelle knows the only real way to lose weight naturally and to achieve complete wellness is through a program that incorporates healthy eating, exercise, accountability and relaxation.
Michelle was introduced to The New Well a few months ago and immediately realized that this was “the complete” program that will help changes women’s lives.

Here is what Michelle had to say about The New Well.

1. What was your biggest battle to keeping the weight off once you left the show?

MA: For me as well as most people, once you lose the weight you still have to stay motivated to keep it off. You cannot fool yourself into thinking that it’s going to magically stay off. I remember those first few weeks when I got home and back into my own environment I learned that all those former temptations were right where I left them. So putting additional goals out there and finding what motivates me has been my tool as well as having people who hold me accountable.

2. What do you think makes The New Well’s weight loss program different from the other programs that you have seen?

MA: The biggest difference that I see with the new well is that they want to tackle weight loss from several angles. I know that I have more than one area I need to work on and getting your mind right and healthy is just as important as your body. I love that about The New Well.

3. How important is accountability to successful weight loss?

MA: It’s huge! On the ranch I had cameras and trainers and the thought of millions of people seeing my progress. Now it’s about getting my family involved in my journey and asking them to keep me on track. They have been great, as well as a wonderful group of friends.

4. The New Well is about changing your lifestyle and showing women how they can live a healthy, more fulfilling life. At the new well our goal is to empower women to be well. Can you describe how empowering it was for you to lose so much weight?

MA: The weight loss is just the response to getting my life on track. I was in a dark place and getting a hold of the weight and not allowing it to define me has been such an interesting process. I now have the ability to face my fears and live life to the fullest. That is the true reward and I think about the girl I was before and how far I have come. I don’t ever want to feel that powerless ever again. 

5. What are your thoughts/feelings about medicated weight loss compared to weight loss based on nutrition, exercise, relaxation and accountability?

MA: I know what has worked for me...I tried the more fad type diets and programs, but ultimately didn’t stick with them because of one reason or another. I truly needed a life change and I needed to change my habits so that this would be more long term. When I understood how exercise and nutrition worked for my body it began to sink in. It caused me to change little things in my life and was more realistic to stick with. 

If you are at a point where you want to regain control of your health and live a more fulfilling and rewarding life, please call 770-692-5500 or stop by to schedule a free body composition analysis and health assessment. At the new well, our goal is to empower women to be well.

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