Oak Grove principal up on the roof for a good cause

Oak Grove principal up on the roof for a good cause

Oak Grove Elementary principal Bonnie Hancock agreed to conduct school from the roof this past Wednesday if the students reached the school’s fundraising goal during their Innibrook fall fundraiser. Over 100 students helped raise over $6,000 in two weeks. The money raised for the PTO will go towards important school needs, such as an "Education City" computer learning program for students, sound panels for the cafeteria, media center updates and playground equipment. Photo/Special.

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I love it.

Now that's an administrator who's worth her salt.

Great creative thinking.

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The staff at Oak Grove is

The staff at Oak Grove is always coming up with fun ways to award their students. In the 4 years my kids have attended Oak Grove, Mrs. Hancock and her staff continue to out do themselves when it comes to rewarding their students.

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Both of mine went through Oak Grove a while back

I give the school nothing but high marks, especially considering they have to deal with the challenges of trying to educate the children from Harmony Village and Balmoral who mostly have parents who could care less about anything.

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