PTCUMC will offer ‘Surviving the Holidays’ seminar Tuesday

Peachtree City United Methodist will sponsor a “Surviving the Holidays” seminar Tuesday, Oct. 26, from 7-9 p.m.

The seminar is for both those that have lost a loved one and those that have experienced a divorce. The two seminars will be separate but run at the same time.

“The holiday season is approaching and we are aware of how difficult this time of the year is for those experiencing losses,” a spokesperson said. “This seminar is designed to help those going through these difficult ‘firsts’ to make decisions ahead of time.”

Seminar topics will range from “what to do about traditions” to “how to handle invitations to parties and other gatherings.”

The seminar is non-denominational and is open to anyone in the community.For more information, call 770-487-6499.