Head over heels for the Great Georgia Airshow

Head over heels for the Great Georgia Airshow

Yes, that’s a human being standing on his head atop the wing of a venerable biplane during the multitude of spectacular events this past weekend in the annual airshow at Falcon Field in Peachtree City. We are told no animals were hurt in the filming of this stunt. Photo/Jeff Lange.

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Correction: should read "on

Correction: should read "on her head." Her name is Teresa Stokes. Bio: http://www.genesoucy.com/about_teresa_stokes.htm

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Wow! Impressive

Thanks for the correction and the link, mj.

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Yes, very impressive.

Wing walking and other crowd pleasing stunts is not for the faint of heart but sure draws the folks just as it did in the days of yore.

BTW, if anyone is interested, the white smoke that is emitted is actually a result of light oil that is injected into the hot exhaust manifold. Some of those systems can operate inverted or during negative "g" conditions and adds a lot of show appeal.

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