A lot can happen in 2 years: Coweta company moves to larger space

It was less than two years ago that Scottish firm Air Power and Hydraulics selected Newnan to be its entree into the U.S. market. Now the company is expanding its operations in Coweta County to a larger facility and adding up to 10 employees.

“When Air Power Hydraulics decided to enter the US market, the company chose Coweta County as the base of its new operations,” said Coweta County Development Authority President Greg Wright.

“While the decision was made to be near one of its key customers, the company has found the US a great place to do business, so, after 18 months in business, APH has announced an expansion project.”

The company began its operations in Newnan with a 1,500 square-foot facility on Amlajack Way in Shenandoah Industrial Park. The expansion is resulting in a relocation to a 9,000 square-foot facility on Bledsoe Road, Wright said, adding that the company could add as many as 10 new employees as part of the expansion.

Previous and ongoing APH contracts include the general engineering sector and process industries and the rail, nuclear, offshore and defense industries. Applications include deep sea cable laying, tunnel boring, mobile radar installations, crop harvesting and wave-making machines for leisure complexes, according to the company’s website.

In another business matter, Wright said Coweta was one of the stops in Georgia made recently by a group of Canadian transportation companies in a trip organized by the Quebec Government Office in Atlanta.

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