Who fought costly battle against Ga.’s voter ID law? Roy Barnes

In 2005, the Georgia Legislature passed the “Voter ID” Bill that requires voters, when they vote, to present photo identification of the voter.

This is a common sense requirement to protect the value of the votes of the legitimate folks. When non-qualified people vote (dead or alive), or when qualified people vote multiple times, the votes of genuine Georgia voters are cancelled. That’s us.

All this does happen. If you think it doesn’t, think again. Just check the recent stories about voter fraud in Texas and in Florida. Investors Business Daily (9/28/10), Fox News (9/25/10), and the Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel (9/18/10) have all run editorials or stories on this subject.

Once our legislature acted, and Governor Sonny Perdue signed the legislation, the Democrat lawyers got busy. Among those Democrat lawyers was the current Democrat nominee for governor, Roy Barnes. They made legal complaints to the U.S. Department of Justice and to the courts.

In 2006, the legislature amended the law to include the provision of a free, state-supplied photo ID to those without a driver’s license, or other photo ID. The addition of the free feature removed the argument that the requirement constituted a “poll tax,” or a financial charge to vote.

That change didn’t slow the Democrats and their lawyers one bit. This includes the case that Roy Barnes argued personally in front of the Georgia Supreme Court. That case was dismissed June 12, 2007 because the plaintiff Roy Barnes was representing already had a photo ID, and so had no “standing to sue”!

Don’t you think that, if he really believed in the importance of opposing a voter ID requirement, he would be surer of his facts – including the status of his client? Then he could have looked for a client who could claim to have an actual issue.

The U.S. Justice Department and the courts have ruled again and again that the requirement for photo ID is a legitimate and legal requirement but Roy Barnes would rather continue to spend time and money to burden us and stop the government from protecting the value of your vote.

Peter Pfeifer

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Peter, Peter, Peter

What have you done for us lately? I guess you HAVE to wear a Repug cloak to be a pol in the Fayette Co Bubble. Now one of your fellow party members in the Sec of State primary stepped up to protect some fictional serviceman from Obama taking his vote away. Isn't that really what the Barnes lawsuit was about? The old, "Better to let 10 quilty go free than 1 innocent convicted." Let's bring up the old chestnut of suing the sheriff over the drug money & helicopter & hanger. Did you waste our money?
Your credibility must be called into question when you come out now against the WFBy-pass, when you were for it. Open letter by Jack Smith..."As to West Fayetteville bypass being planned years ago:
“I’m writing about the .... SPLOST….I’m going to vote “YES”.…It’s better, for all of us….The proposed traffic plan ….first put on paper in late 1980s…” - Peter Pfeifer - 2004 letter to this newspaper"
Now you really want us to vote against King Roy, who earned his money by reping people that were entitled to represnetation & obviously they had a case because he WON. For Nathan anyDeal? Just today another 1 of the Repug inner circle of Deal-Sunny-Glen Richardson indicted. At least 4 more years of Sunny shennanigans. Like putting a developer on a board & suddenly being let in on a multi-$ deal in Orlando. Or having a 4 line hwy diverted by a property. You know a property the Ga Nat Resources had its eye on preserving. I guess you want us to vote for a fellow former co. commish for Atty Gen. You know the 1 the AJC reports bought 2 jackasses w/ no idea what to do w/ them or how much they would cost. Gawd, I wish we had witch running for office in GA, things would be so much more coherent.

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Voter identification

Just as banning gas carts in PTC is a law looking for a victim so is the voter ID law. There is little to no history of voting violations by unregistered or registered voters in Georgia history. But it sounded good so lets make it a law and thereby more difficult for citizens to cast their votes. Now that disenfranchisement does have a history but don't lets go there because it does not meet the "right" agenda.