Big F’ville traffic project to get public airing Oct. 4

What is arguably the most significant road project to hit Fayetteville in a decade or more will be discussed Oct. 4 in a town hall meeting at Fayetteville City Hall.

Funds to pay the $9 million Hood Avenue/Ga. Highway 92/North Jeff Davis Drive realignment project have long been collected and awaiting the final right-of-way acquisitions. Initial work that will help decrease traffic congestion in the downtown area is expected to begin in early 2013.

Residents Thursday will hear an update on the expansive Hood Avenue/Hwy. 92 realignment project that will link Hwy. 92, North Glynn Street and Hood Avenue on the west to Kathi Avenue and North Jeff Davis Drive to the east.

The project will relocate the traffic signal at Hwy. 92 and Glynn Street a short distance to the south at Hood Avenue. A roundabout will connect Hood Avenue to Hwy. 92 on the west side of Glynn Street.

The project also includes extending Hood Avenue east across Glynn Street along the south side of Hudson Plaza where it will link with Kathi Avenue and Jeff Davis Drive to the east.

A part of the project includes the removal of the the smaller, southernmost Hudson Plaza building positioned perpendicular to North Glynn Street and situated across from Hood Avenue.

Overall, the project is meant to diminish traffic accidents at Hood Avenue and Hwy. 92, relieve traffic congestion in the Glynn Street/Ga. Highway 54 area, relieve traffic congestion on Georgia Avenue near the post office and improve traffic safety for the three schools located in the area.

The goal is to begin the project in the first part of 2013, said project representative Dan Davis of Integrated Science and Engineering. Once initiated, the large project is expected to take 18-24 months to complete.

The project carries an estimated price tag of $9.1 million, with $7.8 million coming from previously collected local 1-cent sales tax revenues.

The project is designed to help ease the flow of traffic through the downtown area a few blocks away and provide a simplified routing of traffic in and around the immediate downtown area.

The Oct. 4 meeting will also feature a discussion of the Redevelopment Authority Powers referendum that will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. The final portion of the meeting will be open for citizens to discuss issues of their choosing.

For more information on the town hall meeting contact City Hall or visit the Fayetteville website at

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fayette77, Traffic Relief Project

This is one of former Mayor Ken Steele's pet projects.

Originally, he said that the West Fayetteville Bypass was going to relieve traffic at that point in Fayetteville. But when that was proven not true, he switched to this mega roundabout theory.

No one has all the final figures, but I think it is safe to say that relieving traffic problems in Fayetteville (if in actuality any of this does relieve traffic in Fayetteville) will cost taxpayers $40,000,000 + just with the WFB and this project. That doesn't include the price taxpayers are paying in the loss of property values with the homes along the WFB.

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Which came first?

"improve traffic safety for the three schools located in the area". Aren't there plans to close 2 of those 3 schools? The BOE should get their junk together before we start coming up with 9M worth of ways to improve traffic that could disappear.

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PLEASE Attend This Meeting

Everyone who ives in Fayette County should attend this meeting.

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