UPDATE: armed 'disturbed' individual taken into custody

Officers were near this special operations vehicle that was brought in to the scene during one point during the incident. Photo courtesy Adam Hoffman.

UPDATE, 3 p.m. Monday Sept. 30. A man who was in a standoff with police in south Peachtree City has surrendered peacefully to officers on the scene, police said.

Officers had surrounded the suspect's home in the Morallion Hills neighborhood after police were told that he was "disturbed" and possibly armed.

It is not known at this point if any criminal charges will be filed as the incident is still under investigation, said Peachtree City Police Lt. Mark Brown.

The incident at 130 Morallion Hills, which began around 11:30 a.m., resulted with the man being taken to a hospital for treatment, police said. The scene was handled by the department's Special Response Team and its Crisis Negotiations Team, police said in a news release this afternoon.


Peachtree City police have surrounded a house in the Morallion Hills neighborhood that is occupied by a “disturbed” person who is believed to be armed, officials said.

No one has been hurt and the man is believed to be the only person in the home, according to Peachtree City Police Lt. Mark Brown.

The incident was initially reported shortly before 1 p.m. by a family member, police indicated.

The department’s negotiator is working to communicate with the individual in an effort to resolve the matter, Brown said.

Police have blocked off Felspar Ridge to Morallion Hill for now, Brown said. The neighborhood is located in south Peachtree City off Braelinn Road.

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praying for the family. just one of the many issues we will see from the Federal Govt shut down. It is wrong what they are doing, and the stress it will put on Americans who work hard is just ridiculous.

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Twisted Logic

What in the world does the government shutdown have to do with this incident?

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Praying for the family as

Praying for the family as well, but what does the government shutdown have to do with this? He isn't a federal employee.

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What, did neighbor Logsdon

pull up a Fleisch campaign sign?

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