3 burglars crash after chase in F'ville, arrested after brief manhunt

3 burglars crash after chase in F'ville, arrested after brief manhunt

It was quite a lunchtime spectacle in Fayetteville Wednesday after three Clayton County burglary suspects wrecked their car at the intersection of Ga. Highway 85 and Banks Road when they were being pursued by Clayton County police, according to Fayette County Sheriff Wayne Hannah.

The three fled the car on foot but were apprehended within minutes, as a number of Clayton County units were assisted by their brethren from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Fayetteville Police Department in the ensuing manhunt.

Police found a gun inside the suspects’ vehicle, Sheriff Hannah said. The three were fleeing from a burglary in progress call reported in Clayton County, as they left the Rivers Edge subdivision on County Line Road, then north on McDonough Road, east on Ga. Highway 54 and then left onto Banks Road, Hannah said.

The swarm of law enforcement created quite a scene in the normally docile lunchtime hour in Fayetteville. At one point police acted on a tip that one of the suspects was seen hiding under a vehicle in the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House parking lot, but it proved unfounded.

Two helicopters joined in the manhunt with eyes from above, including Hawk 1 from the sheriff’s office.

The occupants of the car struck by the burglary suspects were evaluated by Fayette County emergency medical personnel.

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Can't even steal thangs right.

What a bunch of quarter-wit morons. If you are gonna steal, plunder and pillage, at least take your licks when you get busted. Making a spectacle of yourself by doing something that stupid is one thing... But these crooks, bless their hearts, obviously learned to operate a motor vehicle at the Helen Keller Academy of Driving. They probably learned to steal at The Captain Obvious Center for The Advancement of Un-slick Larceny, as well. I'm sure the whole hullabaloo was entertaining for onlookers, but initiating a car chase and smashing your car upside a Dairy Queen (or whatever...) And hurting people... AND blocking up traffic for hours?!?

Well. I call that 'tacky.' Shamika hopes those clowns change their ignunt ways. Lordy...

PTC Observer
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Looks like they made a wrong turn, they should have headed north.

Bad mistake.

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Wrong-turn bandits

Perhaps they should "invest" in a GPS. ☺

Davids mom
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Effective Law Enforcement

Outstanding team work!! Thanks!

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doesn't he look like Obama's cousin :)


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I'm glad these bad guys were caught, but....

to 96ironman, are u serious? I suppose that just by looking at this picture you can assume what kind of music these burglars listen to, what kind of language they use, and what kind of fashion they prefer. As if all burglars listen to rap or as you call it "gangster music", dress in "gangster fashion”, and use "gangster language". This is a classic case of racist prejudging. Next time take a moment to think before you post a ridiculous comment.

To the police dept, good job keep up the good work : )

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vgrich - racist prejudging

vgrich - a classic case of racist prejudging? No one mentioned race until you did. Anyway, the guy in the photo looks mid-eastern to me. Even if he is that would not preclude him being a "gansta rap" fan in what has become the cesspool of North Georgia (Clayton County).

I agree with you about the law enforcement. I have seen a noticable inprovement in the Fayetteville PD under the new chief and a very noticable improvement in the FCSO under Sheriff Hannah.

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Gangster Culture

When you glorify gangster music.
When you promote gangster fashion.
When you use gangster language.
When you idealize gangster behavior.

You get...

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what a poet

what a poet

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Burglars in Fayette

This is truly disturbing. Hard working people, who take care of the little they have, must contend with these idiots. UNREAL!

Joe Kawfi
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Great Job by Fayetteville, Fayette County Police

Gread job by the police department. Thank you for catching 3 more worthless thugs. Let's hope that these 3 no-good pieces of trash are removed from society for a few decades.

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