Low oxygen creates fish kill in Lake Peachtree

Peachtree City residents Bridget Steele, L, and Karen Collins were two of the many people at the Battery Way boat ramp on Lake Peachtree Friday morning trying to save as many of the large number of dying fish as possible. Discovered after sunrise by people walking in the area, residents used nets and buckets to save the live fish by placing them on the other side of the spillway. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Officials have determined that the cause of a fish kill in Lake Peachtree early this morning was natural, due to low dissolved oxygen levels.

According to a statement from the city, the Department of Natural Resources reviewed the area and agreed that the low oxygen levels were to blame.

The phenomenon was noted early in the morning near the Battery Way boat dock as residents sprang into action: moving the remaining live fish to other nearby water so they could live.

City employees have removed most of the dead fish from the water and around the lake, and they will be on-site Saturday and Sunday to continue the cleanup.

Public Works Director Mark Caspar cautioned residents to avoid picking up the dead fish and to not take them home and consume them.

The lake will be the site of a large activity this weekend due to the annual Dragon Boat and International Festival sponsored by the Rotary Club of Peachtree City.

rolling stone
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The fish kill smells just about as bad

as the politics in PTC.
The affected section of the lake is the smaller one to the east of the berm for the golf cart path. This section is reeking and is really muddy where the main part of Lake Peachtree is clear. This is a real ecological mess. Is there a lake doctor in the house?

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Midwest Gal
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I always thought it was illegal...

to move fish from one body of water to another.....tickets please :)

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Judging by the picture....

I suspect it was a complete and total fish kill in the lake as it only contains about 20 of those "scaly" little critters. :-)

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More fish

Thsn I thought for sure.

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I guess I won't be having

The fish tacos at the festival tomorrow. Doggonit.

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