Walgreens unresponsive to PTC homeowner’s repeated letters

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to Scott Moore of United Retail Development and Brenden O’Brien of Walgreens back in July of this year.

Dear sirs, I am writing as a citizen of Peachtree City, Ga., that is concerned about your company’s plan to build a 14,000-plus-square-foot store on a site that now holds a 4,500-square-foot Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

I understand that as owner of this property located at the corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway in Peachtree City that you are entitled by law to locate your establishment here. I am not disputing this fact. What does concern me is the following:

1. Tripling the square footage of the site. When Ruby Tuesday located here it was under strict restrictions as to the size of the building on the plat, and it came under a great deal of scrutiny from residents in the area due to its location in the center of town and its proximity to residential homes.

Citizens were unaware that these restrictions were not made in perpetuity, so that no matter who owned the land that these restrictions would be maintained.

I understand that the average size of your new stores is the 14,000-square-foot plan, so I am not sure why you would choose to locate on a site that had the current restriction of 4,500 square feet or so, more than tripling the footprint. This does not seem to take into account the wishes of the citizens that would frequent your store.

2. Signage. PTC has a very strict sign ordinance. We do not allow for flashing signs, or the type of podium signs that I see in front of your current stores.

3. Parking. I see by your application that you are required to have 49 parking spaces and are proposing 63. Is there a reason for this? Unless the extra 14 spaces are golf cart parking, which in effect take up less space than an equal number of cars, we don’t want them. More trees and less impervious space is much more appealing.

4. Proximity to Rite Aid. Not that this is a concern of yours, but for the residents of PTC it makes no sense to locate two drug stores next door to each other just because you can. From your website you claim to want to appeal to the neighborhoods that you locate your stores. I can speak for a great number of residents when I say that this does not appeal at ALL to the average PTC resident.

I know that you have already purchased this site for your store. I do not think it is a suitable location for a store of this size given the current restrictions of the current property owners, your signage type, and the proximity to the pre-existing Rite Aid Drug store.

However, if you insist on locating here and pursuing your date to break ground Jan. 1, 2011, I implore you to respect the community that you are building in by:

1. Reducing your footprint significantly to comply with the wishes of the residents that fought so long to get the size restrictions in place that the current Ruby Tuesday complies with.

2. Making an effort to blend in. This is a prominent corner of town. PTC has always prided itself on the retail NOT being so visible from the street, but instead blending in with the trees and greenery. This would apply to both the structure design itself, signage and parking.

3. If you are not able to accommodate 1 or 2, please consider locating elsewhere. There are plenty of vacant retail sites in PTC that are much more appropriate for a store of your size requirements.

You may be hearing from some of our residents on this subject and it is my hope that you choose to comply with the wishes of the community you are choosing to bring your business. I think it is important that you hear from them first-hand.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I sent in a follow-up email below at the beginning of this month:

Gentlemen, I have heard no response from either of you on the letter below outlining my concerns for your project.

I would appreciate some sort of acknowledgment of receipt and/or consideration of my concerns.

Thank you.

I have still heard nothing from anyone involved in planning and executing this project at our prominent Hwy. 54-Peachtree Parkway intersection. They obviously do not care, or feel as though it matters not what the citizens think because they are too far along in this project to change anything, or consider citizen input.

I urge all Peachtree City citizens to email these gentlemen. I have heard that the final site plan will be placed before planning commission in as early as two weeks. This is our last chance to impress upon this company the importance of this project to our town and to be heard. It is never too late.

Email to Scott Moore (developer) — smoore@unitedretaildev.com and Brenden O-Brien (owner) — brenden.obrien@walgreens.com.

Beth Pullias, president

Peachtree City Civic Association


Peachtree City, Ga.

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@ Courthouserules

I believe his statement means WOW, he knows PTC well!!!!

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I have been trying to figure out what the hatred is of Walgreens (has no apostrophe).

The Walgreen family are Swedish (Olofasson, originally---not good at that time). So they are not Jewish nor black nor Muslim.

They are very typical American Industry--they invented the malted milkshake. Walgreen senior was a registered pharmacist. He worked his way up from a laborer.

They did sell alcohol under the counter during Prohibition as did many such places. That shouldn't bother anyone in PTC since we have 36 alcohol places. Legal or illegal it is still the same alcohol!
I expect they are no more crooked about prescriptions than are any of the other drug stores.

They currently have 7,505 such stores (the largest one) of varying content. I don't know if this one will have a food store attached.

No matter what would eventually go onto that corner it would be full of building! That is why Ruby Tuesday got so much money for it. Ruby Tuesday obviously got that land pretty cheap!

I am just calling it like it is! I would prefer that all shopping places be off major roads a bit. All, not just some.

Wasn't that a Walgreens in Brother, wherefore art thou (or something like that) movie that the boys got kicked out of?

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What does this statement mean?

"The Walgreen family are Swedish (Olofasson, originally---not good at that time). So they are not Jewish nor black nor Muslim."

What does being Jewish, black nor Muslim have anything to do with this!

Are you a racist? anti-Semite? anti-Muslim?

Robert W. Morgan
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Beth's letter to Walgreen's

Good letter, good points, but expecting a response is foolish. You did perform a valuable service, however. If a citizen's group (even an small one) emerges at the groundbreaking (meaning demolition of the Ruby Tuesday building) and again at the opening of Walgreen's that group can protest and picket and honestly say that Walgreen's and the developer were warned that the citizens of Peachtree City don't want this and will not shop there. These people will respect economic warfare more that they will accept tree-hugger arguments, so go after them where it really hurts - pocketbook and publicity. This situation is great for TV coverage - citizens protesting a favorite restaurant being demolished for corporate greed. 2 or 3 senior citizens on camera saying the will never, ever shop at Walgreen's again will cause other PTC citizens to take that same position - and it will be a green badge of courage - good cocktail party fodder. And corporate Walgreen's will take a big hit PR wise.

And the developer is the same fool that closed on Buckhead Brewery (for a Walgreen's) before he got Walgreen's to approve the site. If he's already closed on this, he's vulnerable should Walgreen's blink and we may be left with a restaurant - probably a Mexican restaurant, but even that would be better than a huge empty Walgreen's.

Beth, I really wish you were handling things on city council instead of this. The guy we elected is a disappointment.

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Geez morgan boycott ruby tuesday for corporate greed

Then why not picket and boycott Ruby Tuesday for corporate greed. They are the ones that took the big pay day by selling. They dont care about PTC people eating there. They want the money. So I will shop and support Walgreens. At least they want to spend money here. God get over it. You all keep sticking your noses in everyone elses business.

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Get over it, they are coming soon.

Its a done deal. Stop wasting your time. Get over it. You should be glad a company wants to spend money and build here. Have you not noticed the country is bankrupt. You nosey people need to just stay home and stop sticking your nose into everyone elses business. If I was Walgreens I wouldnt waste my time responding to home owners letters either. More important things. Seeing as it is usually the same bitchers all the time. Oh have a lovely fall weekend.

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Zoning--that's where we missed

As citizens, we should have known better. Our city leaders should have seen this coming. I don't understand how we all missed it. The City Council, at the insistence of the citizens, rebuffed Walgreens previous attempt to build across the road. Personally, I think it would have been a better location. A Walgreens that backed up to the fire station made more sense, especially considering the location of the shopping center.

But what do I know about it? I mean, the good citizenry won the battle and the church lost the opportunity to sell their property, at a profit, and relocate to a larger place. I guess this is the free-market in action. So, now, we have Walgreens locating in a perhaps, less than ideal location because WE forced their hand.....

"Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it!"

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imaginethat: You ar correct,sir!

Frankly, it WOULD be better if Wal-Green's was in fact located where the Lutheran Church is right now. The church would be happy they got to sell their property for good $$$(especially back when it was proposed), Wal-Green's could be located across the street from Eckerds/Rite-Aid...sounds like a big win. So, why didn't it happen?

Well, seems like we had a Mayor at that time named Steve Brown who had screeched over and over about many things that later he changed his mind 180 degrees about. Besides TDK and Westside annexation that he flip-flopped on multiple times, Brown was also a big adherent of the LAND USE PLAN of PTC as a sacred document that he decided to also flip-flop on with Wal-Green's/Lutherans and also with talking to Weiland even though he spear-headed a moratorium to keep city staff from even discussing it. At that point, Brown had no credibility with anyone-including his own council-so his idea of rezoning the church died with him being being only the vote for it and every other councilmember against it.

This is an interesting case-study in politics, especially what happens to "outsiders" once they get elected and have to govern instead of just bitch all the time. In Brown's case, he failed miserably. By the time it got to rezoning the Lutheran church, he had failed so badly that anything he said at that point meant nothing as he had been so discredited with his previous hypocrisy and childish hysterics he engaged in instead of trying to "govern."

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This "Brown" guy

Sounds as bad as Bush, jr.! Everyone still harping. He has moved on to better things now!

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