Maybe somebody left a jail door unlocked?

Arnold Alexander Floyd Jr. in a mug shot provided by the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

Already serving a 30-year prison sentence for a home invasion in northwest Fayette County last year, Arnold Alexander Floyd Jr. just keeps adding to his criminal record.

Floyd, 21, and a resident of the Hancock State Prison, was back at the Fayette County Jail last week, scheduled to face trial for damaging a jail sprinkler head and defacing a jail jumpsuit back in January.

On Sunday, Floyd tried unsuccessfully to escape from the jail, bolting down a hallway while he was being moved from one secure area of the jail to another, said Jail Administrator Capt. Charlie Cowart.

Floyd was recaptured without incident and now faces additional charges: felony escape and one misdemeanor count of obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Cowart said it appeared that Floyd was trying to find an open door by chance.

“He was just looking for a way out, and of course there was none,” Cowart said. “You’re in jail, dude.”

To make matters worse, Floyd appeared in court Monday, slated to enter a guilty plea but he mouthed off at the court and had to be removed from the courtroom. A similar incident happened last week.

Floyd’s timing Monday was pretty poor, interrupting his attorney who was beginning to ask for leniency based on Arnold’s young age.

Floyd asked Superior Court Judge Tommy Hankinson if the process could be sped up “so I can get the (expletive) out of here.”

With that statement, Floyd was taken back into the lockup and the hearing was rescheduled to Thursday.

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Poor guy

Can't you see that he is crying out for help? And all Charlie can say is "your in jail dude". Clearly you can see that this poor guy is troubled.
:) Oh yes I did say that!

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