F’ville movie studio will help PTC revenue

Matt Forshee, president of the Fayette County Development Authority, in a file photo from February 2013.

No word yet on first production planned for Pinewood Atlanta Studios

The Pinewood Atlanta Studios may be on the new western border of Fayetteville, but Peachtree City should see a significant financial windfall from the production of movies there.

It’s estimated that the city will see an annual bump of between $400,000 to $500,000 a year in its regular sales tax collections alone.

Fayette County Development Authority President Matt Forshee, in a presentation to the Peachtree City Council Thursday, said the studio will need to purchase raw materials to construct sets, which is where most of the sales tax increase will come from.

“I think it will be a pretty significant impact here for the city,” Forshee said.

A “phase 1B” of the Pinewood project includes a vendor area where much of those materials will be sold, and also where movie-related companies which provide lighting, cameras, and other equipment and services will be located on-site, Forshee said.

Pinewood is actually ahead of its construction schedule that would allow its first movie production to start in January, Forshee indicated.

Two of the soundstage buildings are complete, and another is planned for the first phase of development with a workshop and parking area also part of the first phase. The PAS site is located at Sandy Creek Road and Veterans Parkway, directly across the street from Rivers Elementary School which will eventually house an education program designed to teach movie and TV industry-related trades ranging from construction to cosmetology and special effects, just to name a few.

Peachtree City Councilman Eric Imker said it’s fun to think about the various blockbuster projects Pinewood has hosted in the past including the “Batman” and “Superman” movies along with “Lord of the Rings” series.

And of course, there’s the James Bond series as well which Pinewood may be most famous for.

The big question is: what will Pinewood Atlanta’s first movie production be? For now, we’ll have to settle for the anticipation in the hopes that an official announcement can be made soon.

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Sundays AJC

The AJC ran an article on Sunday stating that North Carolina was considering not to continue with the film industry incentive program. They like other states have come to realize that the tax credits provided do not result in the permanent job creations the film industry promised.

Few permanent jobs are produced and the highest paying ones go to actors and others who live out of state. They state that the perks benefit the revenue rich business that has little loyalty once incentives dry up.

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Have any vendors started to move into the county to support the studio?

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Are the residents of Peachtree City willing to entertain any development? I've lived in the area for 8 years, and it seems all development is bad...

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Bad timing, firefall. Last 8 years have been tough

In fact the last 12 have been tough. The reason for the anti-develoment attitude and many other things - Steve Brown was mayor for the first 4 years of our slide into irrelevance and active distain from the state of Georgia. Suffice it to say old Mr. Brown had an attitude about development (ironically PTC's most important product until 2001). Following him was Harold Logsdon, allegedly an amiable social drinker and occasional trivia player at Y-Knots. Not much happened except some overtures to the Chinese which brought Sany here. No harm, but no accolade either. Then we transitioned into our current mayor who has either championed development single-handidly and saved the city a million dollars a year or is maybe a stumbling buffon who is respected by no one - depending upon who you ask. For a superhero, he sure does have a lot of opposition in the upcoming election, I've noticed.

So, sorry you came to our city at precisely the wrong time, but most of us who have survived the last 12 years fondly remember better times and are confident things will be better under Mayor Fleisch (or Mayor Deinhart, if you prefer an ex-Marine to a sweet Southern lady).

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Big question? First movie? Answer man is here to help.

Don't know what the first movie will be, but I do know what it won't be. I submitted a script about an ex-NSA PFC with an attitude that got elected as mayor of PTC. He used his former NSA contacts to spy on his imaginary friends and enemies and then invent things that they didn't say - or that he wished they did. They were able to alter his and their e-mails, putting in slanderous stuff. Problem was they put most of that in his, not theirs. They did find a former mayor part drunk after a city council meeting and told the little mayor in a Watergate garage type setting. Then, when the bill came due he stole $12,000 from the city to pay his friends.

Well, they rejected the script hands down (they said it wasn't realistic) and Tom Cruise who was my first choice for the lead was rejected as being too tall. Matt Forshee and George Deinhart's cameo roles were both to be played by Matt Damon (with different color goatees), but that didn't work out either. Oh well. I never got to the point where we discussed casting of Cathy Haddix, but I would think Gilda Radner or Janis Joplin. Good, huh?

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"More Revenue For Us To Spend, Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy !! "

Those PTC politicians are wringing their hands and salivating in anticipation of that $400K to $500K additional revenue. They're all got their pet projects and their friends to feed the contracts to and can't wait.
Of course you residents don't think it's going to lead to lower property taxes do you? Ha, Ha, Ha !!

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How many people

How many will be working when the first studio opens? 2nd?

What are the plans for traffic at Sandy Creek / By-pass and 54 and 74?

Mr. Commissioners, how are we planning to deal with this?

How many years will we have to wait for road improvements that will actually be needed in January?

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More growth,more crime more traffic

For the average citizen of Peachtree City, who doesn't own a business or commercial property (90+ percent ), this studio is just going to bring more crime and more traffic.
The rich will get richer and the rest of us will end up with a city we don't want to live in any more.

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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

(That was my Brady Bunch nod). Traffic? Who said anything about more traffic? (Eyes rolling)

Certainly not Pinewood, certainly not Group VI, certainly not county staff or BOC or Fayetteville or PTC staff or Council or GDOT...so what that means oh ninety percenters, is that poof, there will be no traffic issues!
If Matt doesn't say it, then just fuggedaboudit.

There, now wasn't that easy? Just ignore it and it will never happen. Poof!

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Besides traffic, PTC will gain something.

Just not sure it will be from the raw materials needed to build sets. They will purchase this in bulk from the lowest bidder.

PTC will earn money from Pinewood, but it won't be the raw materials. It will be from retail. Yes, expect more traffic and some additional DUI income if people like Jose are hired.

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