Cathy Haddix for Post 3: ‘We have spending problem’

There was hope up to the last minute that another citizen would come forward to challenge Kim Learnard. This not being the case, I am announcing my candidacy for Post 3.

It has become clear by the votes taken and the agendas proposed by my opponent, along with Vanessa Fleisch and Eric Imker, that her vein of thinking does not serve Peachtree City. Taxes always seem to be the fallback instead of developing a comprehensive strategic plan (CSP).

My platform is straight-forward. Economic development and a comprehensive strategic plan are jobs one. Yes, I agree with Mayor Don Haddix, but totally disagree with Learnard, as to what will get the city moving forward again.

Reactivating the Peachtree City Development Authority (DAPC) is essential. DAPC does things the Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA) does not, such as redevelopment and filling empty spaces within existing city buildings.

DAPC, before being shut down by Learnard, Fleisch and Imker, gave impressive results. The Braelinn and Glenloch shopping centers redevelopments, Fresh Market locating in the Glenloch Shopping Center, the current expansion of the Braelinn Kroger and the Farmers Market are examples. They also worked to prevent the relocation of some businesses and industries from Peachtree City. Some have even expanded since.

All of that stopped for the last two years when DAPC was dissolved. I can’t speak to the intent of Learnard on shutting down DAPC and going totally with the Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA). But I can say this move has not been beneficial to Peachtree City.

Interestingly, Learnard was pro-DAPC when she ran in 2009.

As with any household facing a tight budget, the logical plan of action would be to look at all incoming income and outgoing expenses. Not rocket science. Learnard and the council majority have refused to even entertain the validity of this agenda.

We have had an increase in stormwater rates, an upcoming SPLOST vote, talk of another SPLOST to follow, the hotel/motel taxes going up and increased property tax, to mention a few.

By the way, this does not even include thinking of the reserves as fair game to continually raid. The thought here is tapping the reserves down to 20 percent is a good, sound plan.

In 2008 a different council achieved the AAA bond rating by cutting spending and increasing savings.

This seems to be in direct contradiction to the approach by Learnard and the current council majority.

The CSP encompasses many areas, such as services, income and spending. The current budget is not “just fine,” as Learnard claims. We have a budget deficit and are spending the reserve deliberately down to 20 percent, which Learnard brags about.

The reserve should be used for emergencies, not as a matter of regular budgeting.

As for boasting no tax increase this year, it’s an election year, just like in 2011, another election year, before the 2012 increase.

In 2014, the budget includes a tax increase for 2015. It includes projected increased home values of 2 percent per year through 2018. With no millage roll-back, your tax bill will indeed increase.

We have a spending problem. The CSP is designed to bring insight into our finances. Using the Needs Assessment and One Peachtree City Surveys brings into play citizen opinions which have been painfully ignored by the current council majority.

Other areas of my platform are:

• I will adhere to the job limitations of a council member and type of government we have, as stated in the Peachtree City charter, not per Wikipedia, as claimed by Learnard at a Student Council Day at City Hall.

• Unlike Learnard, I will respect the First Amendment right of other elected [officials] to speak to their constituents even when I disagree with their positions.

• I will be an advocate for the citizens of Peachtree City not represented by any special interest groups, the average citizen who goes unheard by Learnard.

• No to the SPLOST. Contrary to it being a 10-year plan as touted by the council majority, it is actually a 5-year plan per staff. Suggestions have already begun of a second SPLOST. Remember that promises made are not always promises kept.

• No to a new traffic light at Line Creek. Access to any development there will be given by the traffic light at MacDuff Crossing. There is already right turn access in and out of Line Creek.

Right now there are five traffic lights from 54/74 to MacDuff. Adding another obstacle on Hwy. 54 obviously will not improve traffic flow as claimed by Learnard.

As a side note, at the June 20, 2013 council meeting, Kim Learnard argued there was room for two more traffic lanes to be added to Hwy. 54. When asked how, she said by taking out the median and using some of the berm. Really?

• Yes to a bypass connection from Fischer Road to Interstate 85. This will alleviate a lot of Coweta traffic using the 54/74 intersection. GDOT said the plan was effective, doable and on their list.

• No to commuter rail. This was on the TSPLOST fiasco that failed, but has stayed on Plans 2040 and as an Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) goal. It calls for stops in Tyrone, Peachtree City, Senoia and Griffin.

Be careful what you wish for. You can lose more than you gain. The supportive network includes train stations, parking lots, security and added commuter traffic congestion around the stations.

Then-citizen Learnard wrote [an editorial opinion in The Citizen on June 3, 2009] extolling the virtues of rail to Peachtree City.

Not to be left out is her letter of March 15, 2010, to then-Fayette County Chairman Jack Smith urging him to keep the commuter rail station in the Peachtree City Transportation Plan after it had been voted off.

• Yes to movie nights and activity events for citizens. Great way to have fun at little or no cost.

Being a 26-year resident, I have seen extensive change in Peachtree City. As the city has grown, councils have dealt with issues with both admirable outcomes and less stellar ones.

Peachtree City is at a point where important decisions made by the mayor and council will determine in which direction we will proceed.

We, you and I, live in a unique place where visitors are amazed at what we sometimes take for granted. There seems to be both subtle and overt efforts to change what we have and lose what makes us special.

That makes it worth running for council and being an advocate for what makes us different.

Now, as for the elephant in the room: Yes, Don is the current mayor, a mayoral candidate and my husband. After 41 years of marriage we agree on agendas, so you do not have to debate on where I stand, how I will vote on the big issues and if I will keep my promises. That should not shock anyone.

I have followed Peachtree City politics for years, and obviously, very closely the last six years Don has been in office.

Having attended many events with other elected officials and citizens, many relationships of mutual trust and respect have developed. Discussions of how issues are dealt with in various cities become natural and routine. Networking and being an advocate for Peachtree City has become an enjoyable passion.

Bringing together this passion and knowledge of Peachtree City, and its politics, makes the reality that we do not need four more years of Kim Learnard’s agendas and priorities crystal clear.

It made it paramount for me to do something. That something is running for Council Post 3.

Let me make it clear, I am not a novice at Peachtree City politics even though this is my first time running for official office.

Unlike my opponent, I will listen to you and keep my promises.

I would appreciate your vote and support. Please visit me at my website. There you find additional information.

Please visit me at and

Cathy Haddix
Candidate for City Council Post 3
Peachtree City, Ga.

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This little number is dedicated to pumpkin

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Haddix Family... (snap) (snap)

Husband and Fat...
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Love it


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when you state "if" mayor haddix is re elected

I grin each time one of you acknowledge our mayor has the support and you can continue to post your common comments. suggest you go to the voting booth as I sometimes wonder if you are just bullies with opinions. certainly you do not support the system but continue to support hate as you do on ALL topics. I acknowledge your self supporting and perhaps mental disability. your comments reflect this.

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Hate to say it

Cathy Haddix makes more sense than Don Haddix, Kim Learnard, and Vanessa Fleisch combined.

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The opposite of a dream is a nightmare. Thanks Cathy

I admit that my dream is Vanessa as mayor, Mike and Terry joining Kim and Eric on council. I can even live with Harold as mayor, but I really like Mike, Terry, Kim and Eric.

But now it is time to explore the other possibility given the candidates we have. Here's the nightmare lineup:

Mayor - A reelected Don Haddix
City Council - Cathy Haddix, Stephanie somebody, BMX Guy and Eric Imker.
Stephanie is a web developer - not sure what that means, BMX Guy will be pushing for more Recreation, the Haddixs' oppose this because they are old - they would rather spend the money on DPAC, Imker will simply be Imker - although I suspect he might be unhappy as well. And you would think that I would be hapy with 2 women on council - well, no not really.

If you are thinking of not voting because someone else will take care of it - please look at the nightmare lineup.

Robert W. Morgan
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Mudcat got the vibe on the election. Nightmare could go on.

Zowie, 3 are rookies and three are bat s*** crazy.

I know that adds up to six and there are only supposed to be five, but one of them is both crazy and a rookie. Can you guess which one? Of course another rookie could also be crazy and we just don't know about it yet. Let's hope we don't have to find out this way.

And your voting comment is right on!

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This is a total joke

Learnard could have used some serious opposition, but this isn't it. You want two Haddix's that think identical having votes, not to mention a husband/wife team? What a FAIL.

Also, it's not the elephant in the room in regards to being Don's spouse, it's the donkey.

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Mrs. Haddix - congrats for helping your man

DAPC is not required. A simple list of developers and property managers with empty space could be kept on the mayors desk. A simple phone call once a week to these property managers providing updates on prospects and perhaps some offers to help market PTC could be done instead of the mayor dogging the blogs all day. Don't you think these property managers want to fill rentable space?

Please explain how the hotel/motel tax affected the average citizen?

Please advise how you can control whether a traffic light is or is not installed on a state highway.

While we appreciate you being the mayors arm candy at events, please explain the difference from someone being cordial to you vs. really cared what you thought.

Speaking of being cordial, you have an earn reputation for not knowing when to muzzle yourself. Your hateful conversation to a new employee was not only rude, but also put a black mark on PTC. How can we trust, that you will not make another gaffe like this again?

The deliberate spending of reserves shows us that we have been overtaxing. I personally have no need for this much extra money to be sitting around. Spend it, I say to a workable number. Whether it be 20 or 25 % of our budget.

If the citizens wanted a true democracy, we would change or government format to reflect a strategic plan. For goodness sake, put a plan together yourself and present it for feedback. If you want the job, then put yourself out there. The mayor has presented nothing on his own and just criticizes everyone else. Enough already.

How about you go about presenting your strong points and make believe you have no competition. I'm certainly not falling for someone whose greatest strength is not getting along with others.

You have a few weeks to prove to me and others a vote for the Haddix ticket will not be a vote for dumb and dumber.

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what great news cathy

I support you on most all cathy. I knew it had been over 20 years- 26 years in ptc and your love for the city has never faltered. thank you, I look forward to following you. this 'whackadoole' who commented I am sure you know and if you see his posts hope you will just flip through.

Robert W. Morgan
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The problem is that we want the elephant to leave the room

It is not so much that he is an issue with your candidacy, it is that he has been a very, very bad mayor and we want him gone. ASAP, which I guess is this fall. Not sure why we would want you around after his defeat, but I guess you will tell us.

You, like Dumbo you have some very good points, you are correct on about 2/3 of the issues, but we will stick with Kim - thank you very much. Attacking her after your hubby has for years is not something the people of our fair city want to see. I will visit your website shortly after I put an ice pick in my ear.

Good luck, pumpkin. Keep your powder dry.

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you always have to be nasty dont you robert

thank goodness with your attempt at bullying it's pretty obvious what you stand for.

Robert W. Morgan
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pumpkin, what I stand for can't be explained to you quickly

Therefore, I will not try. Just know that I love our country and I love our city. I dislike people that disrupt my lifestyle and my happieness and my freedom. In the country, that would be Obama, Frank, Dodd, Schumer, Bloomburg, Clinton, Holder, etc.

Locally it is a shorter list - Haddix and to a lesser extent - Brown. These people are on an ego trip and they are not governing anything except their next campaign. Silly little fools. They deserve every snarky and mean-spirited comment I can throw at them. When one of them does something good, I will give them credit - as I have done. Hasn't happened often, but it has happened.

I guess I should put Tony Parrot on my s*** list, but he's such a little insignificant little redneck, that i'll let it go. Besides, I have a bottled water cooler from which I drink at home. Barlow is a little annoying, but he's a nobody. I'll wait on him to emerge.

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