Starr’s Mill senior busted for sexting

An 18-year-old Starr’s Mill High School senior was arrested Aug. 31 after showing several minors during school hours a photo of his genitalia taken on his cell phone.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brent Rowan said deputies arrested 18-year-old Fayetteville resident and Starr’s Mill High senior Alec Marlow in connection with a public indecency case which occurred on Aug. 22.

Marlow was charged with one count of public indecency and three counts of electronically furnishing obscene materials to minors, Rowan said.

Rowan said the case involved Marlow electronically furnishing a picture of his genitalia on his cell phone to several minors at Starr’s Mill High School during school hours. Marlow was arrested after an investigation by the school administration and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer, Rowan said.

The sending of sexually explicit photos or text via a cell phone's texting feature is known as sexting.

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re:TRIAD program

I have to ask. Am I misinterpreting your comments? Are you saying that having autistic kids at Starrs Mill is somehow bringing down property values and the quality of the school?

If so, I would have some very choice words for you. My son is part of the TRIAD program and I can say with all certainty that Ms. Kelly has been his saving grace. She gave him a chance and taught him social skills that I was having a hard time enforcing in the few hours a day I actually have him in my care. She is a gift from God to these kids. Also, he has been given more support at Starrs Mill than he would have had anywhere else in the state because the TRIAD program is there.

Just because one kid had a moment of stupidity does not make the entire program a bad thing. Nor does it make all autistic kids somehow morally corrupt. Let's not forget, Whitewater had a teacher sending sexually explicit things to a student via text. It comes from all ages and maturity levels.

Stop spreading hate and spread understanding and support to those who are in need of it.

If I did misunderstand you, then I apologize.

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The Rumor Mill

The Rumor Mill at Starr's Mill said he's a junior in the Autism behavior program (Jenny Kelly's TRIAD program for kids on the Autism Spectrum) the school system has located at Starr's Mill. Wake up parents of Autistic Kids in Fayette County! Your kids will be next. Must be the other place they are getting their $20 million deficit caught up. Ready, set, exodus to a better school system before your kids get arrested. Oh no, more empty houses! Yikes! Property values will go down even more! Citizens of Fayette County, Starr's Mill is going to cause our beloved Peachtree City to hit rock bottom because of Autism! Amazing!

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you are an idiot

you are in idiot, nuff said. don't give our city a bad name, because you do not represent it well. you must be a friend of the pompus mayor.

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Alec Marlow

Maybe his family can use the photo on their Christmas Card this year.

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"Maybe his family can use the photo on their Christmas Card this year."

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