‘What’s next?’ as DAPC meets with PTC Council

Peachtree City Councilman Eric Imker.

The Development Authority of Peachtree City, which had its funding completely eliminated from the 2010-2011 city budget, will be meeting with several members of the City Council Wednesday at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

The meeting will focus on the authority’s future directives and also the newly-funded economic developer position for the city.

According to the meeting notice “this meeting will help establish a clear understanding of expectations upon which to guide further DAPC efforts.”

Councilman Eric Imker has said he wants DAPC to focus on attracting new business to the community, specifically in offering tax breaks and other financial incentives in hopes of luring more businesses here.

Because the Fayette County Development Authority takes the lead on almost all major new businesses coming to the community, the DAPC over the past several years has evolved into supporting local businesses and existing industries.

DAPC also helped in the recruiting of Atlanta Christian College, which has not yet made a final decision on relocating its main college campus. The school, however, has opened a satellite campus here in Peachtree City.

Imker has said he expects the authority to petition the council for funding for specific projects, but he felt uncomfortable renewing the authority’s $35,000 funding level or an increased $150,000 funding because the authority has the power to take the funds and spend it however it wants.

While Imker has said the authority’s seven volunteer members “are doing a great job,” he felt the $150,000 budget proposal in particular had “way too much overhead with little going toward the development authority’s primary mission.”

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DAPC FUNDING / SPENDING RECORD... It is beyond reproach

Mr. Imker should read the minutes/budget/expense records of the DAPC in the years following the departure of those responsible for the lawsuit. The "new" DAPC managed very tightly and with absolute discretion and involvement from the city in all matters.

Trust me on that one... It's all documented. Give them the funding they need for gosh sakes.

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Not About Funding

This is not about funding trader. The tight budget and poor economy are good covers for this move but this ALL about control. Remember Rahm Emmanuel's comment about never letting a crisis go to waste?
The tug-of-war between Don and Eric will continue through every vote this council makes.
Doesn't the charter for the DAPC (under state laws) protect this independent agency from political pressures? I understand the council gets to set a budget but then aren't they supposed to simply be over-site and hands off?

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Political Pressures...

Yeah... DAPC is a separate entity from the city... That was part of the interesting situation when the law suit was settled. But the purpose of the DAPC is to "serve" the citizens and city government of PTC. Ideally, the members should be "apolitical". That's a tough one...

The DAPC budget was funded each year.. Also each year, each entity receiving funds from the city presents a plan for those funds to be reviewed by council in their retreat. So... should be no surprise as to spending plan. Again.. the documentation exists to bear all this out in excruciating detail.

EVERY DIME EXPENDED BY DAPC can be found in the official minutes of the meetings, and were voted on by the members.

$35K is "not" a lot of money in the scheme of things... I would suspect it is less than is spent on the annual July 4th Fireworks for all the Coweta residents who come over.

Don Haddix was the first city council member to take an "active" interest in the DAPC from day one of his initial election to council. He has the right ideas. Too bad there is contention within the council. DAPC should not be used as a pawn for their control games.

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UNfortunately, Haddix made DAPC a huge issue

Stating over and over that he and his puppet Sturbaum "wouldn't vote for any budget" that didn't have 150K in it for the DAPC position they desired AND also adamantly refusing to cut from personnel some more drew a line in the sand that invited nothing but sheer politics and egos to pollute the budgetary process. Very poor leadership.

When you are the Mayor and lay ultimatums on the rest of council, get ready to YET AGAIN be on the other side of 3-2 losing votes when you only have one loyal and faithful sidekick.

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