Tyrone police reports - August

The following arrests were made by Tyrone Police during August. Those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Francisca Ascecio Mazas, 31, of Ga. Highway 54, Fayetteville, for seatbelt violation and no license.
Leslie A. Banks, 50, of Rockhurst Chase, Tyrone, for simple battery.
Megan Nicole Berry, 22, of Cedar Drive, Lawrenceville, for DUI and driving on the wrong side of the road.
Chanvy Chanthraboutda, 39, of Lacosta Drive, Hampton, for DUI and failure to maintain lane.
Timothy Lance Hamilton, 47, of Hampton Drive, Atlanta, for no license and failure to maintain lane.
Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield, 20, of Ga. Highway 279, Fairburn, for minor attempting to purchase alcohol.
Carlos Ivan-Flores, 37, of Grave Road, Norcross, for no license and headlight violation.
Ashley Dawn Jimenez, 24, of Roosevelt Highway, Luthersville, for failure to obey stop sign and suspended license (felony-fourth offense).
Marhonda Deloris Lee, 28, of Chateau Drive, Fayetteville, for warrants served.
Francisco Martinez Lopez, 24, of Shaw Road, Sharpsburg, for no license.
Alfonzo Lozano Martinez, 27, of Helms Street, Newnan, for no license and speeding.
Maria Matilde Mendez-Cervantes, 35, of Peachtree Station Circle, Peachtree City, for tag light required.
Susan Burrow Odom, 62, of Montego Trail, Tyrone, for DUI and failure to maintain lane.
Erik Douglas Olson, 20, of Alberta, Canada, for purchase, possession or sale of marijuana.
Ebony Christine O’Neal, 23, of Meadow Glen Parkway, Fairburn, for no license and tag light required.
Charles Reuss, 35, of Panstone Drive, Peachtree City, for DUI and failure to maintain lane.
Edwin Rivera, 31, of Main Street, Newnan, for tag light required, DUI, following too close and no license.
Ricardo Rivera Benitez, 24, of Ga. Highway 54, Fayetteville, for no license.
Karland Rashun Robinson, 31, of Courtny Road, Forest Park, for giving false name, speeding, no license (felony-fourth offense) and no insurance.
Charles Lavon Stroud, 71, of Birchwood Pike, Harrison, Tenn., for failure to maintain lane.
Ariel Cedric Tape, 21, of Milledge Avenue, Athens, for suspended license (felony-fouth offense).
Craig Kelly Zoellner, 41, of Virginia Place, Fayetteville, for safety belt violation and suspended license.

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Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield, 20, of Ga. Highway 279, Fairburn, for minor attempting to purchase alcohol.

Is this holyfields kid again? Man this kid doesn't give up.

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Is that Holyfield's kid again? 2nd time this summer?

Davids mom
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He has 10

Could be the same one - maybe not. Sad.

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I suspect that it's Holyfield's

kid. I curious as the city noted in last month's crime report was Fayette and now it's Fairburn. Some reports have it at 11 known children.

Davids mom
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Holyfields address

. .has been reported as Fayette County - but in Fairburn.????? I think 'known' is the operative word here. He wrote an article about his children in and out of wedlock. Sad.

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Holyfields address

That section of Old National Highway, from 138 to 314 is a Fairburn mailing address, why? Who knows.

Git Real
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Holyfield / Fairburn

There are quite a few Fayette County addresses that have Fairburn mailing addresses. I suspect it is a postal issue from years back when the area was more rural. Just guessing....

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It is the postal system...

...all the houses in Dix-Lee'on subdivision right across from Evander's had/have Fairburn as a mailing address as does Holyfield.

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