F’ville seeks county participation in massive traffic shift on Hwy. 85 N.

City-supplied graphic shows aerial photo of Ga. Highway 85 (center, running north and south) with Hood Avenue-Hwy. 92 changes on the left and Jeff Davis Connector on the right.

The Fayetteville City Council last week voted to transmit a letter to Fayette County asking for assistance with a plan that would help mitigate traffic congestion and improve the traffic flow in several areas east and west of North Glynn Street and north of Ga. Highway 54. The projects are eligible for funding through previously collected 1-cent sales tax (SPLOST) dollars. Commissioners will take an initial look at part of the proposal Thursday.

As reported in The Citizen last week, the proposal would link North Jeff Davis Drive to North Glynn and reconfigure the area of Hood Avenue, Ga. Highway 92 and North Glynn Street. Still another project would extend Lafayette Avenue to Church Street, linking it to Hwy. 92/Hood Avenue/Jeff Davis Connector. This project will be considered Thursday by the County Commission.

The letter proposes a cost-sharing agreement similar to the one used to widen Jimmie Mayfield Boulevard last year.

“The city wants to move forward with the design of both projects at our cost if the county is in a position to fund the construction. We also request the county fund the right of way acquisition of the Hwy. 92/Hood Avenue/Jeff Davis Connector. The city would fund the right of way acquisition of the Lafayette Avenue Extension,” the letter said.

The Aug. 19 letter also noted that the city plans to update the traffic analysis for the targeted areas and show the overall benefits to the projects.

“These projects are on both our (current) SPLOST lists. We propose a cost-sharing arrangement similar to the Jimmie Mayfield Widening project except we would also request the County to pay for right of way acquisition associated with the 92/Hood project because it is a significant cost,” city Public Services Director Don Easterbrook said in an Aug. 19 memo.

Still essentially at the beginning of the proposal, City Manager Joe Morton said it would be approximately three months before the city would know the preliminary cost associated with the Hwy. 92/Hood Avenue/Jeff Davis Connector project.

Fayette County Administrator Jack Krakeel last week said the matter is expected to come before the County Commission at its meeting on Aug. 26. Krakeel said county staff will recommend that the County Commission enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the city to explore the proposal. Krakeel also noted that both projects were included in the 2003 Transportation Plan and that both are eligible through SPLOST dollars.

City staff last week explained that the projects, if an agreement can be reached, will require significant time to develop.

Current plans west of North Glynn Street call for the moving of the traffic signal from Hwy. 92 a short distance south to the intersection with Hood Avenue. West on Hood Avenue just a short distance from North Glynn would be the location of a roundabout that would funnel traffic northeast and northwest onto Hwy. 92.

Motorists at the new traffic signal at Hood Avenue would be able to continue across the intersection on what is proposed to be an extension of Kathi Avenue that would, via another roundabout, link with North Jeff Davis.

The other project would have a traffic signal installed on North Glynn at Lafayette Avenue, and Lafayette extending across the street on a new segment of roadway that intersects with Church Street. And finally, Church Street would be extended north from its current dead-end at Georgia Avenue up to the roundabout at Kathi Avenue.

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No Solution

This will not reduce congestion on Rt 85 South. What it will do is add two more traffic lights and further back-up traffic on to RT 85 into Fayetteville. They want to add a light at Hood Ave to combine Hood Ave/RT 92, but you will still need the existing light at the current RT 92 intersection to handle traffic from the "Michael's" plaza. You want a light at Lafayette Ave and want to build an extension to Church? Why would you want another light on Rt 85 a 150 yards from the existing light at the center of town? What traffic would logically want to go to Church street? The problem is traffic backs up on Rt 85 before Lafaytte Ave and adding a light would worsen the problem. If these are professional recommendations I hope we didn't pay too much for them.

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Wow this is way overdue, not

Wow this is way overdue, not worrying about getting hit by people cutting the gas station to get to 92 or Hood Avenue. And yes 85 south in front of the Broadway Dinner needs fixed also.

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Put SPLOST money for roads where it is really needed!

Use some of that SPLOST money to fix the roads that really need it! As a commuter who travels on GA85 between south Fayette and Atlanta everyday I find the stretch of GA Hwy 85 southbound in front of Broadway Diner to be horrible on my evening commute home. The scenario of the right lane ending and rude drivers forcing their way into the left lane (after passing the patient drivers in the left lane and ignoring the 'lane ends' signs) mixed with rush hour traffic volumes makes this stretch of road one of the most despicable parts of my daily travels. The combination of that stretch of poorly planned road and the unsynchronized traffic lights which immediately follow (in front of the Wendy's/Kroger and at 92/Ramah Rd) make this stretch of traffic close to home the single most obnoxious part of my commute.

Why in the heck was GA85 south not four-laned to the traffic light at 92/Ramah Road? Or at least past the bottleneck where it dwindles to one lane in each direction.

Just wonderin'....

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So what is the point of this road ?

Your gonna reroute a State Hwy 92, through a quiet little area between a gas station and MacDonald's onto Kathi Rd? Make a round about for this traffic on the new Kathi Road and then dump it onto a road that is now collects and moves traffic to/from 85 and 314.

Has anyone done a study of how many cars coming and going on 92 South or North are coming from 92 and going onto 92 to/from Griffin? Is it thaat much of an inconvenience that we need to spend $30 million $50 million

Is the point to move traffic away from Downtown Fayetteville
(which is what ? where ?) exactly.

I love the "Krakeel also noted that both projects were included in the 2003 Transportation Plan and that both are eligible through SPLOST dollars.

So if we don't spend what we have on the East, West, North and South bypasses we can spend it on another road, somewhere, some place, some how.

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Road projects

Maybe they choose their road projects by hanging a large map of Fayetteville on the wall, blindfolding and spinning someone who then sticks a pin on the map to locate their next road project.