BoE refunds part of employees’ pay cuts, lowers debt millage

It was payback time for teachers last week as the Fayette County Board of Education found a way to give back part of the 4.5 percent pay cut imposed on school system staff last year.

The board voted to “refund” approximately one-third of the cut in a one-time payment. And taxpayers got some relief when the board voted to cut the bond millage rate for 2010 in half.

School system Comptroller Laura Brock gave an overview of a previous discussion where several board members wanted to return part or all of the 4.5 percent of salary cut. Commenting on the direction by the board to look at the possibilities, Brock said the school system could “refund” approximately one-third of the 4.5 percent pay cut, an amount that would total $1.78 million of the $5.4 million produced by the cut.

Brock said the refund would come as a one-time payment for those employed prior to August 2009. The board agreed by unanimous vote.

With the end of the recession nowhere in sight, it is still unknown whether the state will force additional budget cuts later this year.

And Fayette County property owners will see a decrease in their tax bills later this year courtesy of the Fayette County Board of Education by way of a 52 percent reduction in the debt service millage rate.

Brock last week told school board members that the proposed debt service millage would decrease to 1.65 mills, a 52 percent decrease from the current 3.42 mills. The decrease would amount to a savings of approximately $177 on a home valued at $250,000, Brock said.

The reason for the decrease in the bond debt millage is two-fold. A portion is due to the refinancing last year of the 1999 bond, with the other factor coming from the use of a portion of the school system’s 1-cent sales tax revenues, according to Audits & Financial Reporting Coordinator Tom Gray.

As for the much higher Maintenance & Operation millage rate, the board voted to keep the same 20 mill rate as last year.

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Local Taxes: more confusion

All I am interested in about local taxes is whether when all is considered what will my net tax be! Not for this and that, but for all!

I see the writers for the paper have been sucked into the ways the various tax accounts are presented to the public---separate but no bottom line---making it practically impossible for a layman to interpret.

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Welcome back Gail, we missed you on the blogs

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Board needs to pay our teashers back.

It amazes me that a comptroller is allowed to keep her job. How many times has she claimed the sky was falling and in the next month she claims we will have a surplus.

How is it the board (the three amigos) can continue to let things go as is and not do the right thing by the employees. It would be in your best interest to do the right thing, considering you want to be re-elected.

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PLEASE tell me you are not on our FCBOE payroll.

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This is funny!!!

Recipe from "teasher" on how to make Rum Cake

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The 4.5% pay reduction continues for a 2nd year. A pay reduction taken by all employees because the comptroller said the school system would end the year with a deficit, only to find a $4.6 million dollar surplus before the 4.5% pay reduction took affect.

In paying a 1.5% bonus, the FCBOE did not have to contribute to any employee retirement plan. FCBOE also will not give the 1.5% bonus to those employees who took the pay cut but retired or resigned on June 1, 2010, even though they all will receive an August paycheck. No one thinks FCBOE did any employee a favor.

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That's a start.1/3rd now 2/3rds later.