Machines clearing trees, making progress on West F’ville Bypass

Old makes way for new. There it goes. One of the large trees situated along Tillman Road on what is about to become a portion of the West Fayetteville Bypass near Sandy Creek Road saw its last day Aug. 17 as crews toppled, then removed, this and a number of trees located in the easement for the new roadway. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Work began in June along Sandy Creek Road on the initial section of Phase 2 of the West Fayetteville Bypass that will connect to Eastin Road before continuing north to Ga. Highway 92. That work is more evident today with tree removal and grading activities in the area of the intersection of Sandy Creek Road and Tillman Road that will extend the bypass some 3,000 feet to the north on its way to Eastin Road.

The most obvious road construction activities are found at the Sandy Creek Road and Tillman Road junction where a new intersection is being installed. Crews have completed a majority of that work and are now working to grade the area further to the north, a section that parallels Tillman Road for approximately 3,000 feet.

Simultaneous with the grading along Tillman has been the removal of trees along the right-of-way. That work, said county project manager Carlos Christian, involves removing trees from the east side of Sandy Creek Road just north of Phase 1 all the way to Eastin Road. Christian last week said approximately 95 percent of the trees have been removed.

Some of the large trees along the first 3,000 feet of Tillman Road had to be removed due to the required grading to install the bypass, Christian said. While not part of the new roadway, that section of Tillman Road will become an easement area and the grading work necessary to install the easement would do sufficient damage to the root systems so that the trees would eventually die and have to be removed, said Christian.

The new roadway ends its parallel route with the existing Tillman Road approximately 3,000 feet north of the Sandy Creek Road intersection. Tillman at that point turns to the northwest while the new roadway will continue in a more northerly direction for approximately a quarter-mile where it will intersect with Eastin Road.

Required work on the grade of the road in that area will mean additional time to complete that portion of the project, Christian said. The section of roadway from the curve on Tillman and on to Eastin will require a significant amount of fill dirt to bring the grade up 4-6 feet from where currently sits, Christian said.

Construction on the Sandy Creek Road to Eastin Road section is expected to be open for traffic sometime next fall, depending on weather conditions.

The second and final section of Phase 2 will extend from Eastin Road to West Bridge Road at Ga. Highway 92. Negotiations to acquire the right-of-way for the Eastin/West Bridge section are ongoing.

Christian said previously that the final section is expected to go to bid later this year with construction expected to be completed approximately two years from the time of the contract award.

Christian said some simultaneous construction could occur in the two sections, though the phase north of Eastin Road is primarily in the right-of-way acquisition stage.

Phase 2 of the bypass totals 4.5 miles, running from approximately a half-mile south of the Tillman Road/Sandy Creek Road intersection north to the intersection of Hwy. 92 and West Bridge Road.

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If Brown Were Serious

about stopping the WFB, he would be tied to one of those trees going down!

Com'on Steve, just admit that you are powerless to stop the bulldozers!

Braves on a Roll! Get ready for the playoffs!

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The ARC paid for 80% of the fee charged by Mallett Consulting for devising the Fayette County Transportation Plan.

Mallett Consulting feted SOME of our present commissioners with dinner and other entertainment during a seminar held recently in Savannah, Ga.

Present Commission Chairman Herb Frady, Vice Chairman Robert Horgan, and Commissioner Lee Hearn. Mr. Hearn have refused to evendiscuss the possibility of alternatives. Commissioner Hearn who is the former head of Fayette Public Works Dept, present head McDonough Public Works,has said that the West Bypass is his "baby." His family owns property adjacent to Phase I of the West Bypass.

Former Commission Chairman Jack Smith sat on the ARC Transportation Roundtable. Present Commission Chairman Herb Frady now sits on the ARC Transportation Roundtable.

The East Fayetteville Bypass and the West Fayetteville Bypass were included in a 2003 SPLOST Resolution that led to the Fayette 2004 Transportation SPLOST Referendum. The list of projects which consisted of the ENTIRE Fayette Transportation Plan did not appear nor was it referred to on the 2004 Ballot.

The East Fayetteville Bypass was voted on as the number 1 priority project by all Fayette municipality and county officials.

However, Commission Chairman Jack Smith and his Board of Commissioners decided to build the West Bypass over the number 1 priority East Bypass project.

Now, the East Fayetteville Bypass project appears to have found a home on the project list of the 2012 Regional Transportation SPLOST! WHAT HAPPENED?

There will be no peace for the folks on Tillman Rd.

The bulldozers are working even into the night. Just this week two Tillman Rd. children were seen at the end of their driveway past 8:00 pm trying to scream over the noise of the bulldozers. The children were trying to tell the bulldozer operators to stop and get off their road. They were screaming, "We don't want this road!"

County project manager Carlos Christian, Commission Chairman Frady, Vice Chairman Horgan, and Commissioner Hearn don't seem to realize they aren't building a new I-85/75. They are just ripping up quiet little dirt roads here in Fayette County.

They could at least have enough respect for the people who pay their salaries to give them a little peace and quiet during the evening hours.

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