‘Dead’ to walk in Senoia Aug. 24

The Hutchinson Cove subdivision off Rockaway Road in Senoia is like most residential settings. It’s full of families living the suburban life. But on Aug. 24 all that will change temporarily when the dead will roam the streets of the otherwise quiet neighborhood. Portions of the subdivision will be closed for the filming of the “Walking Dead” television show.

The Senoia City Council Aug. 15 approved a request by Stalwart Films, LLC to use portions of Victoria Trace, Eagle Run and Emerald Way in the Hutchinson Cove subdivision for filming on Aug. 24 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. The council’s approval included closing a portion of the southbound lane of Rockaway Road to accommodate the support vehicles for the shoot.

Police Chief Jason Edens told the council that five officers will be posted to accommodate the traffic control. Two officers will be located in the subdivision as required by city policy and three will be on Rockaway Road for traffic control.

According to Stalwart Films, 18 houses will be directly affected. City Administrator Richard Ferry said these residents have been contacted and asked to allow their grass to grow to meet the effect of the production. Others will be affected by some additional parking within the subdivision and the associated inconveniences that go along with this type of production, Ferry said.

Filming will not interfere with mail delivery or school bus routes through the neighborhood.

Stalwart Films, LLC has agreed to the requirements of the city’s Film Permit Policy and has provided an Insurance certificate to the city. Notifications of the street closing will be posted prior to the filming date.

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Allow the grass to grow

for zombies? I bet that went over real well at the HOA meeting.

And how do you get the young ones to sleep at night knowing zombies are coming to your street? Maybe your yard? Maybe your bed?

Man, the boogie man. Get under the covers and don't come out for nuthin'! Especially if you hear noises.

And hope your older brother is given a Nyquil toddy by Mom so he won't get up n the middle of the night and scare the pj's off you and think he is SO funny.

Must be a lotta cash changing hands on this one....

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without rain..

good luck with the grass growing...weeds maybe, but grass, no go.

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