‘I go see Rep. Westmoreland; I leave terrified’

Politics hasn’t held a lot of interest to me, but as I watch my assets, my money, my rights, and my country fade away, I felt the need to inform myself as to the problem and what I could do to help.

After phone calls and Internet research, I went to my Congressman Lynn Westmoreland’s town hall meeting in Newnan on Tuesday.

Per my congressman, I learned that 400-plus senators and congressmen cannot solve the problems of the country. It’s up to the citizens.

I learned that we should support the NSA program because he knows Obama will not use our personal data against us. He never mentioned the IRS attacks on the Tea Party.

I learned he doesn’t want to defund ObamaCare. I learned he was too honest and direct to be on Fox News.

I learned that Obama and his generals’ latest version of what happened in Benghazi was correct, and we just had to let the guys die because the U.S. could not mount a response.

I learned he has his medical insurance with the state, and when I attempted to ask about lifetime benefits for congressmen and senators, I was shushed by him.

Congress’s 75 percent individual premium payment for ObamaCare was danced around with double talk and never acknowledged by the congressman.

To sum up, I have never seen a grown man who is supposed to be one-four-hundredth of the management of this country publicly whine about his problems:

Obama is always a step ahead of the House, the money is going to be worthless if something is not done, the country is about to collapse if something is not done, he has too much paperwork, senators get to use private jets and congressmen can’t, and on and on.

He continually referred to leadership in the House. That would be John Boehner, Speaker of the House, who, according to the Internet, is a reputed womanizer, drunk, liar, golf addict, and briber.

I honestly feel Lynn Westmoreland represents the interests of John Boehner more than the people of the 3rd District of Georgia. I asked him twice about John Boehner and was shushed for the second time.

The lack of leadership with not one proposed solution was terrifying — not for me, but for our children and grandchildren.

Let’s pray this country can find statesmen to sail this rudderless ship through the perils this government has created.

Don Latham
Fayetteville, Ga.

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535 senators and congressmen cannot solve the problems

and it is up to the citizens to do so..

C'mon Lynn your not really forgetting that you were elected as a representative of your district to govern and solve problems.

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Thank you for writing about

Thank you for writing about your experience, going to be doing my homework more carefully this next election!

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Thank you for writing about

Thank you for writing about your experience, going to be doing my homework more carefully this next election!

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Mr Westmoreland

I recall when Mr. Westmoreland was a builder in Fayette County. If my memory is correct, he had some problems with the building ordinances and after being elected to the Georgia legislature, submitted a bill that would give the authorization for builders to inspect their own work and exempt them from county inspections. Talk about self serving !

I've never trusted Mr. Westmoreland for holding a public office and quite frankly, have never cast my vote for him.

I would welcome a quality and qualified candidate to mount a strong opposition on our next election. I believe he is non-effective in his office and not considered very qualified by the leadership. Seniority counts for nothing if he's ineffective, which I believe he is. Time we had effective and creditable representation in Congress from this district.

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I keep repeating this mantra. We need new people in Washington. We don't need career politicians like Lynn Westmoreland. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE LYNN... Now move on and let someone else who is more "connected" to the people represent us.

Washington is like the old StarTrek story line with the BORG: You have been assimilated... Resistance is futile. Until something radical happens to shake up our political system, every election will eventually be MORE OF THE SAME.

I am proud to be American... I am NOT PROUD of our Government.

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PTCTrader & Westmoreland

There was an excellent candidate last election who Westmoreland beat in the primary. He (the candidate) told me that it was very hard to compete in a District where the incumbent had the major sources of financial support 'locked up'. So there's the ticket--find a candidate who is well-heeled and they may have a chance.

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When you think Washington envision Versailles

The Truth Will ...
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Research their voting habits

Research the voting habits of all your Reps and you will see what they are truly made of! Expose em, vote em out or consider conducting "recalls"

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Elected by a 78% of the ballots cast

Elected by a 78% of the ballots cast

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