City Council’s new clothes: power abuse

Our leaders have just unveiled their new line of clothing for the upcoming season, and it is see-through, but they would have us believe that it is the wardrobe of democracy.

In reality it is nothing short of a raw and deliberate abuse of power. Sadly, however, they have also found many willing tailors amongst Peachtree City residents to perform this pantomime with them.

Last Thursday night five elected officials met at the Peachtree City Council meeting to discuss and determine the fate of gas golf carts in our town. The fact that they considered this a valid topic of discussion in the first place should strike fear and trembling into the heart of every Peachtree City resident. Such a use of power is a scary thing.

When a town’s lawmakers enact rules based on their preferences, the would-be tailors may find that the next time they appear in this garb, they will not be so pleased with the sight. As a matter of fact they may just have some of their property outlawed because the council doesn’t like it, although they’d be given 10 years to get rid of it. This is the first step to tyranny.

And lest you think I’m painting a bleak and foreboding picture from a slightly cloudy day, Council member Eric Imker at least had the decency to be honest about this. After listing all the arguments for and against the ban and labeling them nothing more than “emotional issues” or “a wash,” he stated that it really boiled down to this: they stink, he doesn’t like the smell, away with them all.

That’s the problem with naked power: it is an obscene fashion. Smell and noise are highly subjective standards by which to judge vehicles. The measure of all things legal will have become the likes and dislikes of the majority of the City Council which we must conform to.

The online survey that was touted showing that the vast majority of the population supported the ban was held up as reason enough to enact the ban. (Could people vote more than once and so skew the results? I truly hope it was the result of an active few rather than the majority.) The disturbing fact is that it shows some would encourage the City Council to act as their personal goons to force their fellow citizens to comply with their wishes and desires.

The would-be tailors, denying any complicity, have ignored the obvious and encouraged council members Imker, Sturbaum, and Mayor Haddix, who seem unashamed to employ their power in this manner, to force their own tastes on others and to declare it to be fashionable.

Credit goes to council member Vanessa Fleisch for playing the part of the little boy who proclaimed the truth about the emperor’s/council and their attire. It is time we stood alongside her and decried this abuse of power lest nakedness become commonplace.

Donetta Toussaint

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Hartsfield vs Gas Golf Carts

Going green is the latest fad but PTC is still way ahead of the national curve. Hartsfield Airport and their new Re-design unautorized flight redesign is the equivulant of 8 coal powered plants right smack dab in the middle of the most populated area in Georgia. If Cap and Trade were a reality they would be the highest fined company in America. Emitting over 30 toxic fumes and noise deciblal levels (noise pollution)per ascending flight beyond FAA standards especially after 10pm and before 7am is an atrocity ignored by most of the public and FAA cronies. Since the 5th runway opened in May of 2006 the FAA has diverted over 60,000 flights a year deeper into Fayette County and a projection of an additional 45,000 national and 45,000 International (24 hours) ascending, highly toxic flights will be taking off 24/7 over Fayette County. This is illegal and a snaeky 6th runway. Fulton Couny earns billions from these flights yet Fayette County gets squat for putting up with the noise and pollution. Time to fine Hartsfield and get our fair share or get your jets out of our backyards and spread your noise and pollution eleswhere. As for gas golf carts, peanuts compared to what's here and coming in our futute from Hartsfield and the runaway FAA dictators.Would the Fayette County Civic leaders approve 8 local powered plants being built in Fyatette County? I think not.

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They Do Stink!

You would think they could do something about the smell. A lawn mower doesn't smell, so why does a golf cart?

I'm wondering why they built the stupid sidewalks on Highway 74 instead of golf cart paths?

None of it makes sense.

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Ban gas golf cart after dusk.

No clue as to why they smell and a lawnmower doesn't, but surely someone has the answer. Hopefully the smell problem can be solved with an expensive adaptor or something and city council can require these be added to gas carts right away. Economic warfare always works. Hit them in the pocketbook and they will go away.

Sidewalks are an easy one. The state said that's what they do (mostly for the illegal immigrants walking to work) - no exceptions for Peachtree City. Wonder if their disdain for our then mayor and his inability to communicate and get along with others had anything to do with this? Anybody else remember?