Wrestler’s granddaughter arrested for pounding man in her driveway

The granddaughter of a famous professional wrestler has been charged with battery and robbery in the Aug. 3 beating of a family acquaintance in her driveway in Fayetteville that caused the male victim to suffer a facial fracture.

Brooke Orndorff, 25, of Pamela Court, was charged with robbery and battery, said Sheriff Barry Babb. She is the granddaughter of World Wrestling Federation Hall of Fame member and Fayetteville resident Paul Orndorff Jr., known in the pro ranks for years as “Mr. Wonderful.”

Paul Orndorff III, the pro wrestler’s son, 45, also of Pamela Court, was charged with party to the crime of robbery, party to the crime of battery and two counts of financial identity fraud, Babb said.

Babb said a warrant for theft by taking have been issued for Cristy Ferraiuolo, 45, also of Pamela Court.

Babb said all the charges stem from an Aug. 3 incident at the Orndorff home at 135 Pamela Court where the victim was reportedly assaulted and injured by Brooke Orndorff. All the parties charged with crimes reside at the residence, Babb noted.

The male victim was dropping Brooke Orndorff off at home when the incident began, said Babb. She began assaulting the man while they were in his vehicle in the driveway, Babb said, adding that the victim exited the vehicle, but was followed by Brooke Orndorff who continued the attack by striking the man in the face with her fists while he was on the ground.

Babb said the attack continued as Brooke Orndorff’s father, Paul Orndorff III, was present on the driveway and threatened the victim not to get up once he was knocked to the ground. The victim later told investigators he complied with the threat because he knows Orndorff and was afraid of him, said Babb.

The man entered his car and began to drive off when the attack ended, Babb said, adding that he heard the father and daughter and Ferraiuolo yelling that they had his wallet as they ran into the house. The wallet was allegedly taken by Ferraiuolo, Babb added.

Babb said the victim was beaten pretty badly, suffering a facial fracture along with scratches and cuts.

Prior to his arrest, Paul Orndorff III, also used the victim’s credit card on two occasions.

Father and daughter Orndorff are in custody and deputies are searching for Ferraiuolo, said Babb.

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I guess it's...

a family thing.

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I thought wrestling was fake......

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I wonder if this was a case of "wraselling" in the front seat that gone wrong.

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Cy & 'rasseling'

Maybe they could do with some lessons from 'da Judge'!!

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