PTC’s Development Authority meets Mon. night to ponder future projects, going out of business

The Development Authority of Peachtree City will hold a special called meeting this Monday (Aug. 15) at 5 p.m., and it just might turn out to be its last.

The meeting will discuss recent DAPC projects and review proposed economic development initiatives for the City Council to consider in the future, according to an invitation from DAPC Chairman Todd Strickland.

Also the meeting will “address recent questions regarding the DAPC mission statement, accomplishments and return on taxpayer dollars,” Strickland wrote.

A question and answer session will occur at the end of the meeting, which will be held in the Floy Farr room located at the lower level of the Peachtree City library.
DAPC also plans to recognize its volunteers, dedicated city staff and strategic partners for their help through the years, Strickland said.

The City Council is expected to vote as soon as next week on getting rid of the authority, which was initially placed on the agenda for last week’s council meeting before it was abruptly withdrawn. A majority of council has expressed a preference that all of the city’s economic development efforts be handled instead by a new city economic development coordinator.

That economic development coordinator’s position remains unfilled for the past several months after the first employee resigned.

DAPC consists of seven volunteers appointed by council who in recent years have focused on retention of existing industry as well as revitalization of the city’s older retail areas, helping set up merchants associations in several shopping centers.

DAPC also played a role in the effort to convince Atlanta Christian College to move here, and also hosted a series of meetings with students from Georgia Tech who helped create a potential future vision for what the city will look like.

Among the DAPC ideas for the city’s future are:

• Working with other economic development stakeholders to plan, develop and implement a strategic marketing plan targeted at industrial and corporate headquarters projects;

• Creating a redevelopment master plan for Huddleston Road to maximize future office and industrial uses;

• Developing a sign and banner program to clearly denote the village centers and advertise special events and retailers;

• Consider matching funds for village center merchant associations to advertise businesses, and assist them with marketing, advertising and public relations programs;

• Proactively explore ways to help the Westpark shopping center fill vacancies and increase patrons;

• Explore brownfield remediation for possible sites in Peachtree City; and

• Ensure that Peachtree City’s sewer tap fees are competitive with surrounding communities.

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DAPC and actual benefit say for the last 10 years

Originally posted on 20110802

Not trying to begrudge anybody but what accomplishments, real, provable, backed up by real data, can the DAPC be credited for in the last ten years?

Try and stay away from the SANY project and alike as most of that work was done at the state and county level.

I'm looking for tangible, show me the money, type projects that have supporting financial data.

Again not trying to 'pick' on anybody I'd just like to know.

P.S. I asked the Mayor to respond and have not gotten a reply yet.

I guess I should stop holding my breath.

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Consider attending Coweta County Development Authority meetings to see how it is done.
They seem to be growing next door.

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