‘Mean’ headline for Little League story

My son is a player on the PTCLL team which won the Georgia State Championship. I’m writing to let you know how disappointed I am at the headline that was chosen when they were disqualified from the Southeastern Regional Tournament.

I am not one to write letters to criticize, and I always enjoy reading The Citizen; however, after learning of the disqualification due to errors which had nothing to do with eligibility, or illegal players, and watching my son’s heartbreak, it was very difficult to read “You’re Out” on the front page of the paper. I wasn’t going to let my son see the paper, but he unfortunately picked it up, read the headline and said, “Wow, that’s mean.”

I just thought it was a little harsh for a group of 11- and 12-year-olds who have had their dreams shattered and their hearts broken when they did nothing wrong.

Janet Brown
via e-mail