Fayette County law enforcement arrest reports — Aug. 2 – Aug. 8

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Tuesday, Aug. 2 - Monday, Aug. 8

Michele T. Graham, 38, of Township Terrace, McDonough, for bench warrant.

Eric P. Greer, 42, of Timberlake Township, Riverdale, for bench warrant.

Christopher A. Hibbert, 22, of Cameron Landing Drive, Stockbridge, for deposit account fraud.

Christopher M. McNabb, 21, of Ga. Highway 34, Sharpsburg, for driving with suspended license, driving on wrong side of road, speeding, ran stop sign, failure to maintain lane, fleeing and eluding and theft by receiving stolen property.

Paula A. Mendoza, 37, of Falcon Crest, Jonesboro, for no drivers license.

Brandon D. Pace, 27, of Wisteria Lane, Atlanta, for bench warrant.

Darrol D. Aaron, 32, of Boulevard, Atlanta, for wanted person.

Patrick A. Bagwell, 43, of Old Rex Morrow Road, Morrow, for contempt of Superior Court.

Angel I. Cruz-Montes, 31, of Rockcutt Road, Forest Park, for probation/parole violation.

Arnold A. Floyd, 21, of Deep Creek Place, Union City, for aggravated assault.

Demontae L. Gray, 19, of Schilling Avenue, Albany, for driving with suspended license.

Dana L. Harding, 49, of Bedford Road, Rex, for probation/parole violation.

Jason M. Mullens, 37, of Hines Road, Hogansville, for trafficking in illegal drugs.

Shankerra M. Polite, 18, of Riverdale Road, College Park, for probation/parole violation.

Fendell Stanley, 41, of Johnson Road, Forest Park, for abandonment of spouse or child.

Brando M. Turman, 31, of Woodside Lane, Jonesboro, for probation/parole violation.

Michael A. Yelle, Jr., 48, of Jenkins Road, Tyrone, for battery.

Jeraldaka J. Head, 32, of Abner Terrace, Atlanta, for wanted person.

Curtis L. Scruggs, 31, of Saint James Place, Sharpsburg, for probation/parole violation.

Isaiah D. Weekes, 24, of Sleepy Hollow Lane, Jonesboro, for driving with suspended license.

Jeffery D. Allen, 46, of Old Greenville Road, Fayetteville, for bench warrant.

Linda Amadi, 49, of Virginia Place, Fayetteville, for failure to maintain lane, DUI alcohol and endangering a child-DUI.

Christopher W. Banks, 34, of Rennes Court, Riverdale, for DUI alcohol and failure to maintain lane.

James R. Daniel, 48, of Ga. Highwy 314, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Meshia K. Delaney, 28, of Tudor Way, Senoia, for simple battery.

Jamillah N. Galla, 26, of Garden Lake Drive, Riverdale, for brake light violation and driving with suspended license.

Travis B. Hearn, Jr., 49, of Wilkescrest Court, Dacula, for probation/parole violation.

Andrew M. Hilliard, 23, of Chauncey Rhine Road, Rhine, for probaton/parole violation.

Alicia M. Ingkatanuwat, 29, of South Jeff Davis Drive, for DUI alcohol and driving on wrong side of road.

Maximilian G. Loth, 29, of Lawrence Avenue, Fairburn, for DUI alcohol.

Carlton L. Miller, Jr., 39, of Lakeridge Court, Riverdale, for driving with suspended license and DUI alcohol.

Donald M. Mullens, 37, of Hines Road, Hogansville, for probation/parole violation.

Christopher R. Myers, 18, of Windewater Drive, Newnan, for shoplifting.

Harold R. Neal, 25, of Ashton Road, Jonesboro, for tail light violation, no proof of insurance, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and headlight violation.

Willie J. Pitts, 60, of Lester Road, Fairburn, for DUI alcohol or drugs, failure to maintain lane and seatbelt violation.

Michael A. Samuels, 53, of Hampton Court, Jonesboro, for DUI alcohol.

Robert B. Sawyer, 48, of Destiny Court, Locust Grove, for probation/parole violation.

George C. Scott, 23, of Holly Run Drive, Jonesboro, for probation/parole violation.

Kimberly M. Stanley, 44, of Carrollwood Drive, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana, drug related objects and possession of marijuana with intent.

Althia E. Webb, 43, of Roswell Road, Marietta, for obstruction, loitering or prowling and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Fayetteville Police

Nicole Marie Briant, 27, of Stonewall Avenue, Fayetteville, for wanted person (Sevier County, Tenn.)

Justin Leland Whitworth, 19, of Bunny Lane, Fayetteville, for possession of alcohol by a minor.

Daimon Paul Myers, 35, of Stonewall Avenue, Fayetteville, for possession of synthetic drugs, disorderly conduct and drugs not in original container.

James W. Henderson, Jr., 25, of Luthersville Road, Luthersville, for traffic offenses (2).

Deandre Robert Cannon, 22, of Huntington Road, Marietta, for disorderly conduct.

Micah E. Carthere, 18, of Brookridge Court, Fayetteville, for wanted person (Peachtree City).

Saad Ahmed, 27, of Hillsdale Drive, Fayetteville, for simple battery.

Corby Anthony Watkins, 38, of Fielding Circle, Riverdale, for traffic offenses (2).

Xavier Bradley, 19, of Battlecreek Village Drive, Jonesboro, for loitering.

Taylor Dyer, 18, of Mansura Place, Hampton, for loitering.

Michael Timothy Sutherland, 39, of Ga. Highway 85, Riverdale, for shoplifting.

Shamsiddin Echols, 34, of Windrock Court, Ellenwood, for giving false name/date of birth, address, traffic offense and less than an ounce of marijuana.

juvenile, 14, Fayetteville, for simple battery and unruly child.

Brian Lynn Steele, 34, of Timberlane Drive, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol.

Alexis Wayne Gore, 18, of Virginia Park, Fayetteville, for traffic offense.

Peachtree City Police

Steve McLeroy, 40, of Windermere Court, Newnan, for attempt to manufacture a controlled substance (methamphetamine), obstruction and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Louis E. Harris, 33, of Avis Avenue, Baton Rouge, La., for probation violation.

Rosemarie Ceballos, 66, of Shamrock Way, Newnan, for shoplifting.

Lucy Salazar, 43, of Shamrock Way, Newnan, for shoplifting.

Clifton Leroy Akers, 32, of Marquis Way, Morrow, for driving on suspended license.

Alberto Jiminez Juarez, 22, of Wynnmeade Parkway, Peachtree City, for simple battery-family violence and obstructing a 911 call.

Agustin Castillo-Mondragon, 20, of College Street, Hapeville, for expired tag and driving with no license.

Micah Carthern, 18, of Merrick Drive, Peachtree City, for robbery.

Adam Watkins, 31, of Northmeade Drive, Peachtree City, for reckless conduct, discharging firearm while DUI and discharging a gun near public highway.

Janiese Gibson, 39, of The Promontory, Newnan, for following too close, DUI and driving through a safety zone.

Darryl Csicsila, 64, of Burnham Rise, Peachtree City, for DUI.

Christopher J. Kaupman, 36, of Pylant Street, Senoia, for probation violation.

Alexander Escobar, 21, of Peachtree Station Circle, Peachtree City, for sexual battery and child molestation (3).

Brittney L. Marion, 20, of Peeples Street, Atlanta, for shoplifting.

Ebony Stith, 33, of County Road 506, Shannon, Miss., for driving while suspended and defective equipment.

Bruce Jordan
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Joined: 04/05/2006
Congrats to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office!

Made the cover of August edition of Law and Order magazine for Patrol Car design of the year. Great job to all those responsible.

Cyclist's picture
Joined: 05/15/2007
Jeffery D. Allen....

46, of Old Greenville Road, Fayetteville, for bench warrant.

Gee, I wonder if this is the same guy that our DA testified for a few years back.


jevank's picture
Joined: 07/30/2008
Good eye, Cyclist

My favorite line in your link:


“I went to speak on behalf of someone who I believe to be a good person,” Ballard said.

Cyclist's picture
Joined: 05/15/2007

I guess the DA really missed on his judgment call. Perhaps other issues clouded his view.

NUK_1's picture
Joined: 12/17/2007
Sad part of the DA Ballard story

Was the fact that he brazenly lied about being subpenaed/compelled to testify in court for this dude and was exposed as being a total liar, but FC reelected him anyway, and he had decent opposition running against him.

When the District Attorney can get away with lying in print, doesn't that seem to be a rather onerous sign of what else could happen? Oh wait....it DID happen with his completely incompetent and again totally dishonest investigation of the whole Judge scandals where he and his idiot "special investigator" took turns lying to the press and again being proven by recorded facts to be completely full of ****. Maybe the next time FC will wake up long enough to vote this loser out of office and to hopefully elect someone with a shred of integrity. A shred would be a huge improvement.

Git Real
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Joined: 05/17/2006
So Was His First Call To Scotty This Time?

Ballard may have won. But is was fun watching his group squirm, deny and threaten those that would would call him out on the carpet regarding this issue. Would love to know more details of why this convicted child sex offender was picked up again.

jevank's picture
Joined: 07/30/2008
DA elections coming up fast

Can't wait to see who runs. I think Rudjard would win this time easily if he ran again, assuming Ballard runs for DA and not something else.

Cyclist's picture
Joined: 05/15/2007

I can only hope so.

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