What’s in healthcare law that affects seniors? Find out Aug. 17

When it comes to the built-in complexities of federal programs, few would claim to be an expert. And that is especially true of the voluminous Affordable Care Act — also known as ObamaCare — adopted earlier this year and signed into law. To help clarify the new law as it applies to seniors, Fayette Senior Services (FSS) will host an Aug. 17 presentation to help answer residents’ questions.

“The How, When, Who and What of Health Reform and What it Means for Seniors,” presentation will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 17, from 3-5 p.m. at Fayette Senior Services Life Enrichment Center located at 4 Center Drive in Fayetteville. The presentation will be led by Georgia State University Associate Professor Dr. Patricia Ketsche.

FSS Executive Director Debbie Britt said the presentation is designed to help seniors understand what’s in the new health reform law and how it will affect them. Britt said the presentation will be similar to the one Ketsche made recently to the chamber of commerce, though this one will be specifically tailored to Fayette’s senior population. Dr. Ketsche’s presentation will be a very factual, non-opinionated delivery, Britt added.

“This is a very important presentation aimed at helping older adults get the straight facts about health reform and changes to Medicare so that they, along with their family and caregivers, can be informed consumers and educated citizens,” Britt said. “Dr. Ketsche will present facts that are drawn from the law itself and presented in an impartial, factual, overview format. The presentation will include the health reform ‘big picture,’ a time line of when each component of the law goes into effect, and changes to Medicare.”

Britt said Ketsche has published studies in many of the leading health services research journals and is currently the principal investigator on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored analysis of the incidence of financing national health expenditures. She is frequently called upon as a technical consultant by the legislative and executive branches of government in Georgia.

Dr. Ketsche teaches graduate courses at Georgia State University such as Health Policy and Ethics, Introduction to the Healthcare System, and Healthcare Financial Management and Planning.

A question and answer period is scheduled at the end of the Aug. 17 presentation.

Britt said there are 150 seats available for the no-charge event, adding that 100 of those are already taken. Reservations are required. To RSVP call Fayette Senior Services at 770-461-0813.

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