Have you heard about Obama’s bank?

I used to think that some people went into politics because they had a burning desire to serve the public and make a positive difference in our collective lives. What was I thinking?

It made me wonder, after watching all of the press last week about the estimated $3 million wedding of the Clintons’ daughter, just how much these people have given of themselves to the service of our country. Or is it, how much they have been able to enrich themselves because of their service to themselves?

Obama is on a track to make billions if he is able to get Cap and Trade passed. How? you ask. Because he is a shareholder in a little bank called Shorebank.

This bank is positioning itself to become the clearinghouse bank for all of the carbon credits that will be traded once Cap and Trade is passed.

It is estimated that the annual trade of these will be in the neighborhood of $13 trillion. The little bank stands to make billions handling these transactions annually.

Obama is estimated to earn in the neighborhood of $8 billion by the time he is out of his first and hopefully only term in 2013.

And you thought he was just another public servant.

John Currie
Peachtree City, Ga.

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Currie and Shorebank

What is your source for this poppycock about Shorebank, President Obama, and billions of income for him?

Sounds like just right wing propaganda to me.

By the way, what does the cost of Chelsea Clinton's wedding have to do with public service? In any case, the Clinton's have not released information about the cost of the wedding.

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From the hard right winged news CBS and ABC


and this from Hotair.... http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2010/06/29/obamas-shorebank-jeremia...

and the real killer is from SHOREBANK itself

So I guess a link can be attached between the two.

PTC Observer
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Cap and Trade

C&T is dead until after the election this fall. I don't know if it's true what Mr. Currie is saying here but I do know that everyone acts in their own self-interest. Including our great leader. My guess is that he will enrich himself like most ex-Presidents, handouts from political supporters that were enriched by him while he was in office. It's been pretty much this way since US Grant graced the White House.

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