Who’s responsible? You are responsible

Jim Richter has written recently wondering about how Fayette County ended up with a Defined Benefit Plan.

Hear hear, Jim. You are exactly correct about the Defined Benefit Plan. I see you say that “others and I have been harping on for the last three years”. Well, Jim, better late than never. But, your lateness to the fight isn’t what I hold against you. It’s your attitude that even though you came late, that now it’s your party.

Not your history, but the real history of the DB Plan goes back to when it was initiated by Smith, Frady, Maxwell and Horgan. Opposed by me. You see Jim; this conflict has been going on since at least 2006. That’s when Maxwell and Smith defeated Dunn and Wells. I don’t recall seeing you around for those campaigns, Jim.

After they took over the Commission and began to put a Defined Benefit Plan into place, I don’t remember seeing you then either. I do remember seeing Rick Price criticize a DB Plan during Public Comment. I remember Greg Dunn and Bob Ross and Pat Hinchey speaking up about it too. But I don’t remember you. Maybe you were around but didn’t leave an impression.

Jim, one of the reasons that Lee Hearn ran against me in 2008 was because of my very vocal opposition to a Defined Benefit Plan. That was also one of the reasons that Greg Dunn ran against Horgan. And, Bob Furman ran against Herb. Were you involved in any of those campaigns Jim? I don’t remember seeing you.

There was a forum in 2008 that featured a lot of discussion about a DB Plan. If you didn’t make it to that forum, you could look on the internet. Look for the YouTube video of a debate/forum from that election. And no Jim, David Barlow didn’t video and post that forum. It was Janet Dunn who did that. It was before David got involved too.

And, Jim, I don’t remember you “harping” about the DB Plan then. But, you see Jim, if you had and if you and the many others who are finally involved now, had been involved then and helped us to defeat Smith, Maxwell, Horgan, Frady and Hearn; we wouldn’t have a DB Plan for you to have “been harping on”.

We also wouldn’t have the West Fayetteville Bypass; we wouldn’t have had the no-bid contracts, the items off the agenda, the lack of trust or any of the other items you are so recently upset about. There wouldn’t have been a 4-1 majority in my last two years, a 5-0 for the next two years and there wouldn’t have been the 3-2 majority we had these last two years.

And, Jim, I don’t remember Steve Brown taking part in the debates over those issues when they could have been stopped or never started.

But, now you say; “Why did we let this happen? Who is responsible?” Why Jim, it’s you who’s responsible. Why did you let this happen?

Welcome to both of you Jim and Steve, even though you came too late to prevent these things by helping those of us who had been fighting for years on these issues.

Vote for Sheila Huddleston.

Peter Pfeifer
Peachtree City, Ga.

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Peter, you have not lost you ability

Well Peter, you have not lost your ability to say a lot without really saying anything new or anything relevant.

We all know who came up with the idea of the Defined Benefit Plan and who approved it. Jack Smith, Lee Hearn and Robert Horgan approved it, Eric Maxwell abstained, and Herb Frady voted against. Surprisingly, Herb got it right!

Neither you, Greg Dunn, Bob Ross, Pat Hinchey, me or anyone else could have stopped the train once Krakeel, Smith, Hearn and Horgan put it in motion.

You and Greg had been replaced when the DB Plan was adopted, and I might add that in your case it was a good thing that you were no longer there. I have yet to find anyone that was sad to see you go!

Now that we have sufficiently slammed one another, less agree that something needs to be done to undo what was DONE TO US by Smith, Hearn and Horgan.

The first step is to get rid of the cabal of Frady, Hearn and Horgan and then elect Barlow and Ogino to replace the last of those guys. Frady is retiring, Horgan was defeated so let’s finish the job and kick Hearn out of office.

We already have a county lawyer, Scott Bennett, advising the board at every meeting and the VERY LAST THING WE NEED is another lawyer sitting at the table who has no business experience whatsoever!

Jim Richter

Peter Pfeifer
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Jim, you haven't lost your ability to be wrong.

Well, Jim. You haven't lost your ability to be wrong. We could have stopped a DB Plan before it even got started if Smith, Hearn and Maxwell weren't there. See, that's what happens after an election. The winners get to put their plans in place.

You see, Jim you DON'T “know who came up with the idea of the Defined Benefit Plan”.

You really don't know the history of the DB Plan at all. The DB Plan was initiated in a meeting on December 5th, 2007.

As stated in the written minutes, Commissioner Maxwell made a motion to “CHANGE the county’s retirement plan from a single defined contribution plan to a hybrid plan that includes a defined benefits plan and a defined contribution plan, and to further authorize the Chairman and the County Administrator to develop a contract to be voted on by the full Board … with said plan becoming effective July 1, 2008, or as soon as possible thereafter.”

I voted against that motion in a 4-1 vote. Frady voted for it.

If you listen to the CD of that meeting, you will hear Commissioner Frady make his position very clear.

His concern was to “poll the employees to see if they wanted this Plan.”. He states, “if the employees want it, I’d vote for it in a heart beat”.

As I said before Jim, you think that when you showed up, that's when the story started. Actually, you came in very late.

After you showed up, Herb voted against it well after he initially supported it. Maxwell abstained from voting on a Plan that he initiated. Do you understand a little better now?

Back away, take a deep breath and try to learn something before you shoot your mouth off. I used to think that you were better and more intelligent than that.

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