Smaller stores planned for PTC’s Line Creek proposal

It appears that a plan to build several large retail stores off Ga. Highway 54 West near Planterra Way in Peachtree City has fallen by the wayside.

A much smaller site plan has been submitted for consideration at this Monday night’s (Aug. 8) meeting of the city Planning Commission. The plan includes some 69,000 square feet of retail space, including a gas station right off the highway.

The plan retains the existing Line Creek Drive and Line Creek Circle streets and the retail stores are built around the roads.

The previous proposal, which required acquiring the roads to create room for the larger stores, totaled 164,000 square feet. That plan included a large “big box” tenant of up to 65,000 square feet and three junior anchors around 20,000 to 30,000 square feet each, along with some smaller retail/restaurant buildings.

It is unknown as of this writing why Trinity decided to move forward with the reduced site plan, or whether the previous plan with the larger stores is perhaps still in play.

The latest site plan will be discussed by the commission at its meeting Monday night, which starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall. The plan is slated for a workshop discussion, which means the commission is not expected to vote on it.

Also on the commission’s agenda for Monday is consideration of the landscape plan for SANY America’s campus off Cooper Circle on the southern tip of the city’s industrial park.

Staff is also preparing a discussion of potential ordinance changes including:

• Requiring golf cart parking spaces for retail, commercial and office lots;

• Increasing the required maintenance for all new landscape plans for two years to perpetuity;

• Increasing the minimum size of canopy trees to fulfill tree replacement requirements;

• Adopting tree pruning standards for all zoning districts; and

• Increasing the building setbacks within estate residential zoning districts.

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Joined: 10/10/2007
I wouldn't mind a Macys

But, I was back down home visiting, and was told they are trying to move away from Malls and back to strip malls because they feel it cuts down on crime. I was puzzled by that and the explanation given was that in a strip mall people can park closer to their car, they are in and out, and their tag numbers, or getaway cars are much easier to spot on the cameras.

I like the big malls, but the idea does make sense. And if you notice here, most of the bigger malls are abandoned because of crime. Look up the road to the one in Union city.

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We can thank the "NO more big boxes" crowd for this eyesore.

That stubborn bunch stalled plans for a Kohl's for years until the store was forced to locate just outside our Western doorway at Fisher's Crossing.

There went any chance for a 1st rate commercial development on the property, and,.. the superior tax revenues it would have produced. I'm sure the folks in Coweta are thinking "Thank you P-City, thank you ver' mush".

So now here comes one more gas station, and count on it being a 20+ pump 24hr discount operation which will not only look awful - it will likely drive some of the good guys with full service mechanics out of biz. And,.. it will attract the late night roamers we do not need on our streets.

Nice going all you no more big boxes dill weeds. Duh!??

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Hoping for a QT

To each his own - I'd sure welcome a QT which would likely thrive and put the dumpy expensive "good guy" stations out of business.

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It must be nice to float plans

1-2 and 3 to test the waters - to waste city and staff time,
before you even own the property..

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Joined: 10/17/2010
Now I know what was missing...

a gas station!

Let's see, we only have 5 stations now in a 2 and half mile stretch of Hwy 54? Yes, the pressing need is dragging this whole city down. Hurry up and get another one in there.

Trinity, you have the best interests of this city in your heart and it shows. How did you and that Walgreens developer to come up with this one? You silly boys will just keep this up till someone tells you NO, now won't you?

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