Fayette, F’ville to share services, costs

Sheriff's deputies will police annexed area; city and county will share fire protection

An intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between Fayetteville and Fayette County was approved last week by the Fayette County Commission and is expected to be approved Thursday by the Fayetteville City Council.

The IGA outlines intergovernmental responsibilities pertaining to aspects of the annexation by Fayetteville of nearly 1,200 acres on the city’s west side. Pinewood Atlanta Studios currently under development is located on a portion of that acreage.

The stated goal of the intergovernmental agreement was to ensure a smooth transition between governments, to develop a unified strategy that addresses the concerns of the city and county, to minimize the impact on the ongoing Pinewood development, to develop a multi-use path network, to allocate public safety services and to set responsibilities for area roadways.

Per the agreement, the city will maintain Veterans Parkway from Ga. Highway 54 to Sandy Creek Road and Sandy Creek Road along the Pinewood frontage. The city will uphold existing curb cut limits along with interparcel access via access roads for new development. The county will provide funds for possible road expansion through future one-percent sales tax initiatives.

The agreement calls for a multi-use path network to be integrated throughout the area, connected to existing framework and to be required in the upcoming development overlay plan with path tunnel guidelines.

The city and county acknowledged that a multi-use path tunnel should be constructed beneath either Sandy Creek Road or Veterans Parkway connecting to the Pinewood site and with Pinewood contributing $60,000 to the project. The bulk of the funds for the project will come from the one-percent sales tax up for a vote in November. If the initiative fails, the county will be responsible for the expense.

As for the allocation of public safety services, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office will maintain service delivery as the city incrementally increases police services for the area.

Fire services will be provided initially by the county and city, though the city has plans for the FY 2016 budget to construct Station 93 to serve the west Fayetteville area. The new station is expected to be located on the southern side of the Pinewood property along Veterans Parkway near Hood Road. Donation of the acreage on which the fire station will be located is a condition of annexation.

The county will provide primary fire services at no charge through June 2015. After that point, the county will be compensated at 50 percent of the total assessed value of the annexed acreage until the fire station is operational.

A separate agreement between the city and county pertains to building permits and inspections services of future phases of the Pinewood development. The agreement calls for the county continuing to issue building permits and conduct inspections.

The city will maintain inspections and compliance for stormwater, parking, permit sewer projects, landscaping, signage, architectural elevations and full site plan review.

The permits and inspections agreement extends for one year and will be automatically renewed unless one of the parties provides a 90-day written notice of its intent not to renew the agreement.

The agreement also calls for the city to use county experience and resources to perform inspection services including buildings, plumbing, mechanical and electrical and fire and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. The city will maintain permitting and inspections for architectural elevations, landscaping, parking and signage.

The agreement applies to the qualifying business plan submitted to the city after the effective annexation date tentatively set for Sept. 1.

As for the revenue share from permits and inspections, the county will receive 75 percent of those funds and the city will receive 25 percent during the IGA period. The revenue share pertains only to plans submitted after the annexation date.

The Fayetteville City Council is expected to approve the IGA at the Aug. 1 meeting.

Davids mom
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Why would we vote against this? Where can one find the 'listed' projects ?

PTC Observer
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Why DM?

Because it benefits the few at the expense of the many.

However, a sales tax to boost our abilities to fight crime benefits everyone taxed. Where is our leadership on this issue?

Where is our commission on this? Where's the leadership?

Davids mom
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Good questions. I'd like to see that list with 181 items. Storm water concerns seem to warranted.

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Exemplary cooperation

You will see a lot more of Naturegrl channeling Lee Hearn in the blogs. Take those comments for what they are worth.

Pinewood Studios is an excellent opportunity and they have an extensive history in the film and television industry. The studio makes an excellent corporate anchor along with the hospital, but we do need to look to diversify in the future.

Many long-time observers have said this kind of cooperation between the County and Fayettville was not possible in the past. The county's position is we have a strong interest in seeing the cities succeed and we will help any way we can.

To answer Ivy's concerns, Pinewood is paying for the multi-use paths on their property. The county is bridging a wetland at the far southeastern corner of the property as it is adjacent to the West Fayetteville Bypass.

The local governments are taking responsibility for going under the parkway.

Further south, we are working on a multi-use bridge over State Route 54 near the hospital. We are working with GDOT on that one.

Ivy, the county's share of the Core Infrastructure SPLOST revenue is going 100-percent into stormwater projects.

The cities, except for Peachtree City which recently had a large stormwater fee increase to cover those costs, are mainly doing stormwater, but they have some other vital core infrastructure projects as well such at road and path repair.

The counties projects came in under budget, so we are allowing the cities to do more with our funds. One of those projects is the multi-use path tunnel under the parkway with the developer donating cash and contributing the adjacent land needed.

There will be an extensive multi-use path network in that area and extending from it. The county and Fayetteville are working hard to insure we do it right the first time.

Raising the funds for two years will allow all jurisdictions to be in a good position to prosper as the recession recedes with some out of county shoppers pitching-in.

stranger than f...
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Thank you for the update

I am also pleased that the county and the municipalities in Fayette are cooperating so successfully and that industrial growth is being welcomed. I agree with you that this is real progress!

Just one thing Commissioner Brown: Will you kindly acknowledge that the West Fayetteville by-pass indeed had some merit since Pinewood chose that exact location for their studios? Confession is good for the soul.

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STF Re Pinewood & the WFBP

Pinewood chose that location BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE VACANT ACREAGE WAS AVAILABLE! Someone involved in the negotiations told me that the WFBP never entered into the discussion--they were more impressed that they could get to the Airport in 20 minutes via Sandy Creek/I-85.

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Good point Newsboy.

This is a windfall. We should be cautious and not allow for over development. But this is not a fly by night studio. Its not a startup that is trying to make its way in Hollywood. This is a very well established studio with a significant worldwide presence. This has been in the works for awhile so I don't think there is a huge risk of this falling through in the near future.

Do some research on Pinewood and I think you will see this is a very nice thing to happen to the county. We shouldn't give them the world, but we are definitely lucky to have this in our county.

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Get real

You don't invest this kind of $$$ and then abandon it because another state gives you the SAME tax breaks!

Y'all just need to shut up and enjoy the windfall.

Husband and Fat...
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Piling it on - Scare tactics

"The city and county acknowledged that a multi-use path tunnel should be constructed beneath either Sandy Creek Road or Veterans Parkway connecting to the Pinewood site and with Pinewood contributing $60,000 to the project. The bulk of the funds for the project will come from the one-percent sales tax up for a vote in November. If the initiative fails, the county will be responsible for the expense."

I really don't understand this. Pinewood wants a cart path to tunnel under Sandy Creek Rd. or Veterans Parkway and will contribute a whopping $60K and now the county expects the costs to come from the Splost vote. I thought the splost was for stormwater?

Now they want to add to the list with another project to benefit mostly a private industry. Does commission think that by adding more and more, then playing the tax scare tactic, they will get the splost passed? Where's the tea party crying foul?

Its a shame we are putting all our eggs in one basket and allowing the developer to get everything they want for nothing. What happened to the old days when developers of a project this size would have to build the fire station and supply a new truck along with building their own tunnel?

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Cart Path and Splost

A couple of issues I don't understand; hope someone will explain.
1. This article states that if the Splost fails, the county will be responsible for the Pinewood cart paths. Why would the county pay for Fayetteville cart paths? For that matter, why isn't the developer paying for them?
2. Elsewhere in the paper is an article about Q&A on stormwater Splost. This article does not address the issue of the county paying for anything other than stormwater-related issues, nor ramifications RE cart path funding should the splost fail. What do the 2 issues have to do with each other? The IGA/services-sharing article isn't clear about whose share of Splost money would be funding the path--county or city? Is it on Fayetteville's work-in-progress list of "proposed" projects?

PTC Observer
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ivy - That's

That's the problem with giving up money to government, it's not their money so they can spend it anywhere, no matter how "restricted" you think use will be.

Read the wording of this upcoming SPLOST very carefully before you vote.

IMHO, we need to vote against all SPLOST initiatives unless the money is used to protect our Life, Liberty or Property. I don't think golf cart tunnels fall into any of these Rights.

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tax payers pay again

So Pinewood is only contributing $60,000 for this big development, and the taxpayers city and county is footing the bill for all this development.
Just how much is a new fire station, fire truck, ambulance, etc.
Need new elected people in office

Husband and Fat...
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Playing like a fiddle.

When all else fails, dig a deeper hole. None have the common business sense to require more financial assistance. What happens if the splost fails? What happens when another state matches Georgia's subsidies and production bails to other locales?

Pinewood is playing FC like a fiddle