On Garlock: ‘This guy is just not right’

I suppose we could blame it on Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. You know, Cranky Old Fart. Cantankerous Aged Misanthrope. And if we did, we could just laugh and say: Well, it’s just old Terry spouting off.

But Mr. Garlock is developing an edge that is, in many ways, not easily overlooked.

I almost always disagree with his column, but there was a meanness and a bile in his latest foray that I can only assume derives from lack of cranial oxygen, and exposure to the Tea Party.

Terry’s assumption that we Democrats are not patriotic, his call for division of the country, his disgusting recommendations for American-style concentration camps ... this guy is just not right.

One thing I would point out: all those states you people like Terry love to hate are net donors to the federal effort.

Meanwhile, many of those states you would take into your would-be union are net federal bloodsuckers.

They have much higher poverty rates, higher divorce rates, higher rates of illiteracy, higher dropout rates, higher crime rates, higher rates of illegitimate births, higher rates of abortions, are more unhealthy, less educated, and less productive.

But back to reality. Garlock mentioned Wisconsin and specifically the Wisconsin National Guard.

I was speaking with my friend, and former 510 Fighter Squadron mate, former F-16 Wisconsin National Guard pilot, former Vietnam Cobra pilot, current member of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, Lieutenant Colonel Retired Bob Hesselbein, and asked him to read Garlock’s column.

I didn’t ask him if he felt insulted, but I can say that Bob doesn’t generally vote for Republicans, and is a great American. And I’m insulted for him.

I’ve been known to overstep a time or two, and the publisher of this newspaper has been kind enough to call me on it. If he extended the same courtesy to Terry Garlock, he obviously failed.

Timothy J. Parker
Peachtree City, Ga.

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Hey Tim, I think Garlock's

Hey Tim, I think Garlock's intent was to scare you. Was you scared? I was mildly amused and totally disgusted at the sophomoric argument presented by Garlock.

It's a shame too, Garlock has done some good work but it's only rarely seen in our cyber funny papers.

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Terry & Movie Reviews

Since Terry was quick to go see the Rush "Thumbs Up" America, I wonder if he would care to critique "Inequality for All"?

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Bloodsuckers Mr. Parker?

What price should we place on our Freedoms? Why does it matter to you if these break away states have lower performance? You can move to a state with like minded philosophies and fiscal superiority. In fact, everyone can do this, including all the poor people that live in these inferior states today. They can move too, then we can see how long this fiscal superiority lasts.

You see Mr. Parker, you can move money around all you want, at some point it all balances out in favor of those doling out the money. Those with the power to seize property and redistribute it to those "deserving". I had a friend in Cuba once tell me that those who "behave" get coffee, he didn't have any. How much of your freedom do you want to give up to the bureaucracy?

The history of the United States includes hotly contested debates on the separation of the states/colonies into regional groupings. These separatist tendencies go far back into our history beginnings with the New England Confederation in 1647, "Unite or Die", and damn the other colonies was their cry. Mr. Parker to understand the idea of States Rights you merely need to read history, the Constitution of the Confederacy was as much an economic statement of separation as it was a political statement of principles. Clearly, no one would argue that the principle of slavery has any moral standing, however other elements in the declaration of separation center on the States' rights to chart their own economic course without interference from a central government. The outcome of the Great War once and for all answered and corrected the evil of slavery, but at the same time it created an overbearing, powerful and corrupt central government. The economic rape of the war ravaged South by this government continued well into the 19th Century, culminating with the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1886. Unfair train tariffs against the South were not ended until 1946. This is only one small example of an overreaching all powerful central government.

Bloodsuckers indeed.

Economics has been the primary driver in all revolutions, the seizure of property and the subjugation of the individual to the state (King) cannot be ignored as the primary catalyst for the Revolution in the Americas. The central government will go too far, the only question is when will the people decide enough is enough.

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I have a hard time voting for Dems or Pubs myself..

I usually vote Libertarian....I think both parties have "jumped the shark" myself. I do not like the way the Dems will not stay out of my pocketbook and I do not approve of the Pubs trying to engineer my private life. Obviously many disagree...

American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God here. Welcome South Brother.

Let me add that I have not been to a state I hated, but I will admit I have not been to Michigan...

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what the Sam Hill

Did this peckerwood just call us hillbillies a bunch of idjits?

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Mr. Parker

I guess he calls 'em as he sees 'em.

I too felt insulted by Mr. Garlocks recent contribution - for I know far too many Democrats who have lost life and/or limb to protect our freedoms. I know that he has met and socialized and served with fellow Americans that are Democrats. I also have heard from his own mouth that he will never 'understand/agree with' the Democrat philosophy. That is his right as a citizen of this country. To be willing to give up his citizenship because of his lack of respect for Democrats is frightening and unbelievable. There was disagreement among the Founding Fathers - and their debates on many issues are very informative. Our country was built on the foundation of discussion and action for the betterment of our country and the American people. The attempt to leave the union was proved fruitless. Let's elect a Congress that will represent the people and not those who pay enormous amounts of money for campaigns and hope their contributions will buy them power. The power is in the vote!!

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