Thompson: ‘Will not resort to any negative tactics’

All: A supporter forwarded this to me. I am going to continue to campaign in a positive manner and will not resort to any negative tactics during the campaign.

To date, our team has knocked on 1,754 doors of voters. Our message has been clear. I'm the only candidate that has the experience as a lawyer, judge, prosecutor, and mediator.

For those reasons and my commitment to this community, I am pleased to announce that both the retired Judge Joe Tinsley and State Rep. Matt Ramsey are endorsing me. These endorsements are in addition to those of community leaders, lawyers, and Past Presidents of the local bar association.

Again, my message will continue to be positive and not negative. At this crucial time, our country (and county) have had ENOUGH with negative politics. For me, this election is about letting the voters choose on the merits. I do not agree with the statements made by my opponent, but I am going to continue to focus on positive campaigning.

Many of you have supported me with your endorsements, donations, and prayers and a lot of you have signs in your yard. For that, I thank you. For the next 4 days, I am continuing to work hard to win this election. Then I will turn that energy toward working hard for Fayette County in your court system.

Your friend,

Jason B. Thompson
Candidate, Fayette County Magistrate Court

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I just want to know...

I voted for you Mr. Thompson. I read your opponents recent letter to the editor and was beyond disturbed. While I appreciate your stating you do not want a negative campaign..for my peace of mind I would like to know your take on her accusations. I would like to know how many times you have sat the bench in Peachtree City when Judge Ott was unable to. I would also like to know exactly how many cases you have mediated in this circuit. Certainly you don't have to be negative just by answering the allegations. But it would make the voting public (like myself) feel more confident in the person we vote for. I already know that I don't trust any of the "politicians" running for the other offices but given the recent scandals with the superior court judges I think honesty and integrity are values we need in a judge we elect to the bench.

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