‘The Walking Dead’ gets expanded area for Senoia filming

It looks like the zombie apocalypse in Senoia could use a bit more elbow room. The Senoia City Council Monday night approved the expansion of street closure permits in the downtown area for the AMC television show “The Walking Dead.”

A number of filming locations have already been approved by the council for temporary closure during filming, but City Administrator Richard Ferry said that additional street closures may, or may not, be required before the conclusion of filming in mid-November.

Ferry said the nine areas listed in the expansion fall outside the approved traffic plan. The approval of the new areas comes with the same oversight by police and will include advanced notification to affected residents.

The main area previously approved for filming includes the Main Street area bordered by Baggarly Way on the west, Barnes Street on the east, Johnson Street on the north and Travis Street on the south.

The film expansion areas approved Monday include Travis Street from Barnes Street to Clark Street, Clark Street from Travis Street to Johnson Street, Seavy Street from Clark Street to Barnes Street, Barnes Street from Travis Street to Middle Street, Johnson Street from Clark Street to Pylant Street, Baggarly Way from Seavy Street to Couch Street, Main Street from Johnson Street to Ray Street, Pylant Street from Anderson Parkway to Couch Street and Ginn Street from Broad Street to Pylant Street.

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